Performance // Barbara Nolsøe - WOMANKIND

Rewilding Women

A live photoshoot experience.

"Rewilding runs directly counter to human attempts to control and cultivate nature" - Cambridge Dictionary

To rewild, in its original sense, means to restore and protect a natural process. The photographic project Rewilding women has a focus on restoring the mind's natural state, unaffected by the outside world. Taking back the power of the mind and body!

Rewilding Women is an artistic project of freedom. It's my fight against the picture-perfect-ism, the scarednesss of ageing and natural nakedness, the constant comparison issues of our generation, and the stress and pressure it can feel to be a human being in this selfmade world.

In this Live photoshoot experience, 10 female strangers will be photographed together naked, walking together as a beautiful herd of the same species. The framework for the project is based on the premise "if we connect, we cannot compare", and in that it explores what happens to women's self-image and comparison with others when, under the same premise, they are naked together. The photoshoot will be accompanied by live music, and shortly after thephotoshoot, a digital exhibition will be shown.