Exhibition // Ole Christiansen & Finn Larsen - Over tid (Over time)

Working with photography takes more than a fraction of a second

The two Danish photographers, Finn Larsen and Ole Christiansen, are presented at the exhibition Over time at Banja Rathnov galleri & kunsthandel during Copenhagen Photo Festival. 

Both photographers were educated in 1980 and are acknowledged for their lifelong work within photography and for trying to create images that do not just reproduce images we already have in our heads. Both artists implement the photographic medium's particular ability to open up the everyday to new perspectives. 

Finn Larsen exhibits a number works from his career circling around landscapes and his travels to Greenland. The exhibition includes works from the following series: HÆKKE OG STATIVER, 1988 - 1992; KALK, 2005 - 2021; ORPIK, 1991 - 2021; DUMPEN, 2011 - 2021 and NUUK, 2019 og 2021.

Ole Christiansen exhibits images from ALTAN, which are works photographed from his third floor balcony in Valby over the course of a year (2021-2022. From the balcony he registers a multitude of images: people, dogs, birds, skies, buildings, trains and much more. Everything's there, drama, poetry – it’s all about seeing.


Opening hours

Wednesday - Friday: 12:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00