The Neglected | Mikkel Hørlyck (DK)

The orphanage in the city of Orhei in Moldova, is the residence of some 200 boys and men, who are physically or mentally disabled. Most of the boys were born with their disabilities, and have grown up at the institution. The oldest is 40 years old; the youngest a new-born child. Common for all of them are that they lack the care and attention of a family, which is crucial to their emotional development. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and poverty is the main reason that many couples are forced to surrender their kids to orphanages. (Moldova, 2016)

The Neglected is part of the exhibition Life Exposed that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the The Photojournalist Education at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX).

The Danish Photojournalist Education is respected internationally as one of the leading schools within its field. For the exhibition the two faculty teachers, Mads Greve and Søren Pagter, have selected ten photographic projects and video productions which have been made at the school within the past three years. The ten stories show the variation in style and topics the students work within – from the revealing reportage to the personal story. The ten stories engage in our contemporary time and connect with the people and places the stories describe, and they tell and convey the reality we do not notice even though it is right next to us
The exhibition is designed by curator Jens Erdman Rasmussen.

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