During the festival Jana’s exhibition will be presented in two series: W and The Goddess Guide. They both are connected to the same topic of contemporary ideas about femininity and will be presented together.

Exploring the concept of beauty and femininity in the modern society, in this series of self-portraits Jana Romanova asks different young women to choose poses for a portrait and copies them, standing nearby or at the background. Her attempts to perform exact copies of their poses and expressions create an ironic image and address the attitude to a woman body in society and the role photography plays in it.

The Goddess Guide:
In Russia there are a lot of courses offering practices that teach women a special feminine way of living and interacting with the world: what kind of clothes to wear, how to follow the moon calendar, how to breathe with your womb, how to create magic and change reality around you. Jana Romanova started to visit these classes to get her own experience and see if she can understand what femininity is and if she could herself become more feminine.
This project is a work in progress on fragility and obsession that comes along with a desire to be happy. It consists of portraits of women coaches whom she asked what femininity is, and videos of her going through practices that they offered her to experience in order to help her feel it on a non-verbal level.

Jana Romanova was born in 1984 in Russia. She has a degree in journalism from Saint-Petersburg State University and studied contemporary art at PRO ARTE foundation in a School for Young Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Photo from left: Photo from the series W & photo from the series The Goddess Guide

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