Creative Europe

Reconstruction of Identities

In 2018-2020 Copenhagen Photo Festival is taking part in a Creative Europe-project with the title Reconstruction of Identities, which discusses cultural heritage and identity through photography. Other than CPF, the partners are Noor (NL), Ad Hoc Gestion Cultural (ES) and the oldest Italian photo festival ‘Sifest’, which is organized by the Italian commune Savignano sul Rubicone (IT).

One of the aims of this collaboration is to build bridges between the new and the old populations of Europe and together create a European image archieve, where the photos are shot by both ethnic minorities and professional photographers – and then exhibited side by side.


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Residency and masterclass

During Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019 we invited students from photo schools and public schools in Copenhagen as well as migrants and other dedicated youths to participate in a 3-day-workshop with the photographers Martin Thaulow, Kate Buil, Sanne De Wilde and Filippo Venturi. Apart from teaching, the four photographers also took part in a residency programme that included a visit to some of the galleries in Copenhagen as well as a networking dinner.

Here the residency photographers had the chance to meet and exchange thoughts and experiences with both the photographers and visual artists exhibiting at the festival, but also curators, gallery owners and others, who have been part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019. The aim of the programme was to build bridges between fine art photography and documentary photography as well as between the project’s partners and their respective residency photographers.