Our Three Focal Points

Framing SocietyFraming VisionFraming Identity

The solo artists at Copenhagen Photo Festival are selected as the annual headliners of our three focal points: Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision. They are our way of opening up windows to other worlds and serve the purpose of showcasing photography across genres, by focusing on the individual, society and art.

Out of the many amazing projects which applied in 2022, 14 were shortlisted, and finally three artists where chosen as the epitome of each category. See the 2022 posters with pictures from the artists here under.

Framing Society: Alexandra Rose Howland, Leave and Let Us Go, 2021
Framing Vision: Krista Svalbonas, Lubeck 1, laser cut pigment print, 2020
Framing Identity: Hien Hoang, Still from performance video „Made in Rice“, 2021, performing artist: Soon-Hwoa Jeong.

Framing Society

Framing Society is concerned with the global agenda within societies, ideologies and cultures.

Selected Artist 2022

Alexandra Rose Howland

Exhibition: Leave and Let Us Go

Framing Vision

Framing Vision is focused on exhibitions where the medium sets the framework. It is centered around aesthetics, technique and media.

Selected Artist 2022

Krista Svalbonas

Exhibition: Displacement

Framing Identity

Framing Identity showcases stories with the individual as the focus point in relation to subject, existence and identity.

Selected Artist 2022

Hien Hoang

Exhibition: Asia Bistro – Made in Rice