2-12 June 2022

Copenhagen Photo Festival

Copenhagen Photo Festival returns this summer on June 2-12, and we're excited for ten days brimming with creativity, experimentation and top quality exhibitions spread across greater Copenhagen and southern Sweden.

Furthermore, we will turn a 10,000 m2 wasteland at the artificial island Refshaleøen into an innovative exhibition park offering a 360 degree festival experience that will connect the best of photography and lens-based art with hang out spots, drinks and events.

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Programme Highlights

Solo Artists

The three solo artists at Copenhagen Photo Festival are selected as this year’s headliners of our three focal points: Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision. They are our way of opening up windows to other worlds and serve the purpose of showcasing photography across genres, by focusing on the individual, society and art.

Framing Identity

Hien Hoang

Asia Bistro – Made in Rice

Hien Hoang (born 1990) is a multimedia artist from Vietnam, now living in Hamburg, Germany. She is interested in the concepts of symbol formation, perception and identities. Her work is a combination of photography, performance, sound and installation. She often combines her works with the existing space and landscape to add multiple layers and change the context. Her latest series of works, “Asia Bistro – Made in Rice” explores stereotypes, clichés and discrimination against Asians in the West. Hien’s work has been exhibited at Planten un Blomen Hamburg (DE), Art Houses – old Parliament Singapore (SNG), Kunsthaus Hamburg (DE), Melkweg Amsterdam (NL), Begehungen Chemnitz (DE), and Museum Belvédère (NL), among others.

“Asia Bistro- Made in Rice” by Hien Hoang is the Solo project of our category Framing Identity.

Framing Society

Alexandra Rose Howland 

Leave and Let Us Go

Alexandra Rose Howland (1990, US/UK) has lived in the Middle East over the last decade, creating work that aims to challenge the ways that geopolitical events are communicated. Her background as an abstract painter informs her practice, resulting in multidimensional projects that use images, found objects, interviews and video. Through her work, she seeks to generate a more expansive understating of how conflict is portrayed. She has shown internationally with both solo and group exhibitions including Leave and Let Us Go (solo), FOAM Museum Amsterdam, Road to Mosul (solo), London, Textured to Only Us (solo), Los Angeles. Leave and Let Us Go was published by GOST Books in 2021.

“Leave and Let Us Go” by Alexandra Rose Howland is the Solo project of our category Framing Society.

Framing Vision

Krista Svalbonas


Krista´s research is grounded within the practice of contemporary photography. Architecture and ideas of home have been the subject of her work for the last decade. Krista´s past work has dealt with low-income housing complexes, utopian modernist architecture, and the phenomenology of space. She is fascinated by the effect of architectural form and structure on the psychology of the human condition and her cultural background as an ethnically Latvian/Lithuanian artist informs this interest. Krista´s parents spent many years after the end of World War II in displaced-person camps in Germany before they were allowed to emigrate to the United States. Their childhood memories were of temporary structures, appropriated from other (often military) uses to house tens of thousands of postwar refugees. Krista´s connection to this history has made her acutely aware of the impact of politics on architecture, and in turn on a people’s daily lived experience. Krista´s work explores architecture’s relationship to cultural identity, social hierarchy, and psychological space.

Photography is Krista´s primary medium, but her work also includes painting, sculpture, and installation. Extensive photographic documentation of architectural sites is integral to each series. In some cases, this documentation becomes a visible part of the work, and in other cases it becomes a subtext or a part of a multilayered piece. Within Krista´s practice she explores the boundaries of the camera-generated image, often combining photographs with other media such as silkscreen, painting, and collage. In recent years, she’s been working with technology such as CNC routing, laser cutting, and drone photography. Krista is avidly interested in continuing to explore the intersection of photography with new technologies to express the social, political, and cultural themes in her work.

“Displacement” by Krista Svalbonas is the project of our category Framing Vision.