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Among Other Things – at Galleri Format (SE)

Galleri Format Claesgatan 14, Malmö

Andrén's photographs depict small things that are difficult to name, together with pieces of plants, fruits and ordinary small objects from everyday life. The objects are arranged so as to play with colour and form rather than staging a story, and in some of the images the photographic act seems to have been distracted.


Workshop: Photo Walk – by Urban Explorer

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Would you like to discover the most photogenic spots of Refshaleøen with an urban planner? With this tour, you will […]


Seminarium by Jesper Just – at Gl. Holtegaard

Gl. Holtegaard Attemosevej 170, Holte

This spring Gl. Holtegaard presents a solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed Danish artist Jesper Just (b. 1974). Just is best known for his ambitious enigmatic films, borne by a perfected, aesthetic materiality.

On This Day – at Galleri Format (SE)

Galleri Format Claesgatan 14, Malmö

(1) On This Day consists of a meeting between the Chinese archive Beijing Silvermine and the Anglo-American database Using a historiographic perspective, photographers Klara Källström, Thobias Fäldt and Thomas Sauvin ask themselves the question; why do we know so little about one, and so much about the other?

Sort Sol – at Galleri Rocks

Galleri Rocks Reersøgade 6, st. th., København

Originally called Sods and inspired by the English punk wave, they were formed in 1977, the first punk band in Denmark was born. Later in 1983, they became Sort Sol and have over time manifested themselves in the absolute top of Danish rock bands on the music scene live as well as with their critically acclaimed and award-winning releases. The group has received 10 Danish Grammy awards.

Autopsie by Bruno Mouron and Pascal Roustain – at Yellow Korner

Yellow Korner Kronprinsensgade 16, København K

In 1988, Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain, photographers at Paris Match, discovered the study of a sociologist who demonstrated that waste reflects people’s lives and their social behavior. This inspired the photographers to portrait the profiles of different personalities through their trash by displaying it in an artistic way.


Ira Lupu, On Dreams and Screens (2020)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

In 2020 and 2021, human relationships have been rendered increasingly remote, occurring over video calls on the other side of a screen. 
On Dreams and Screens investigates how intimate and real we can get through a web camera, and what emotional patterns are likely to be formed after hours of broadcasting on the internet.


Alastair Philip Wiper: Pleasure Points (2019)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021 presents one of its solo exhibitions as part of the FRAMING SOCIETY focal points: Pleasure Points by the artist Alastair Philip Wiper.


Hashem Shakeri, Cast Out Of Heaven (2016-ongoing)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021 presents one of its solo exhibitions as part of the FRAMING SOCIETY focal points: Cast Out of Heaven by the artist Hashem Shakeri.


Stig Marlon Weston: Empirical

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021 presents one of its solo exhibitions as part of the FRAMING VISION focal points: Empirical by the artist Stig Marlon Weston.


Ute Behrend: Back to Nature (2018-2020)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021 presents one of its solo exhibitions as part of the FRAMING VISION focal points: Back to Nature by the artist Ute Behrend.



Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021 presents the exhibition “SUCH IS THE SILENCE” by the artist Essi Maaria Orpana as part of the programme FUTURES NORDIC TALENTS


Hrafn Jónsson (KRUMMI), SKRÖLT III (2020)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Skrölt III is being presented with twelve works displayed from various vantage points from ground level, raised, to hung echoing his visual perspectives of his surroundings created by his unique physical limitations.


Io Sivertsen, LET’S TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER (2019-2021)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Let’s Talk About the Weather simultaneously addresses our relationship with weather as well as Sivertsen’s own relationship to her father. This personal story and dilemma—an inter-generational difference of opinion with a parent—meets the realities and complexities of the global climate crisis heads-on.



Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

This year, Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021 will host the Censored Exhibition in a unique indoor warehouse in Refshaleøen, on 4km2, in collaboration with other institutions.
The Festival received 380 applicants from 49 countries. 24 selected artists from 16 countries will be exhibited.


Nanna Navntoft: BINGE EATING DISORDER (2018-ongoing)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Notes on Binge-Eating-Disorder (BED) is being presented at the festival in the form of images and a publication which includes interviews with sufferers of BED.

JunkFood – Alles Ret? – by Jens Honore in collaboration with JunkFood

Junk Food København

The opportunity for this project arose when Jens Honore approached project Junkfood with an offer to spread our message. He has lived in New York for 15 years and has now returned home to Denmark and wonders what is going on in the welfare state of Denmark.

I am the Hunter, I am the Fisherman/Piniartuuvunga, Aalisartuuvunga by Christian Klindt Sølbeck – at Det Grønlandske Hus i København

Det Grønlandske Hus Løvstræde 6, København

The exhibition shows us the soul of the modern Greenlandic fisherman and hunter – his daily life in struggle and at peace with the magnificent and fierce land that he hunts and fishes off like past generations before him. An everyday life where his hunting and fishing methods mix tradition and modern tools and he faces the new opponent of climate change. 

SEMBLANCES OF THRESHOLDS & BOUNDARIES by Natalie Christensen – at Nordic Art Agency (SE)

Nordic Art Agency 6, Erik Dahlbergsgatan,, Malmö

Natalie Christensen is a photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her compositions which capture both colour, line and texture feels almost more like a painting than a digital photograph. She is drawn to the light and surreal qualities it created by negative space. There is a playful unexpected quality to her images which are intriguing and conjure an evolving narrative.


The Censored Exhibition: Exclusive Auction with Artland

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

For the first time, Copenhagen Photo Festival and Artland are working on an online auction together. During the festival, you will get the chance to see, bid and buy the artists’ exhibited works.The collaboration involves a combination of an online and physical auction, where the auction takes place online on Artland's platform during the exhibition period, and will be held as a physical event at Copenhagen Photo Festival on the last day of the festival.

In pursuit of identity […] – at Gallery Sapere Aude

Gallery Sapere Aude Ved Glyptoteket 6, København

Identity is a new concept; especially connected to modern societies, where we have been given the freedom - and thus the compulsion – to define our own identity and to realize ourselves. Unlike in the old days, we are not from birth assured an identity, which we retain throughout our lives. Consequently creating a unique identity has become more important than ever, and we are 'forced' to create an identity, mostly alone.

In Human Possession by Lotte Agger – at Eks-Rummet

Eks-Rummet Prags Blvd. 61, København

The exhibition presents Lotte Agger's photographic portraits of domesticated plants, which are at the same time existential images of man's relationship to nature.

Projektrum VERA – at VERA skole for kunst og design

VERA skole for kunst og design Åboulevarden 9 C, København

VERA skole for kunst og design's exhibition at Copenhagen Photo Festival shows the work of 11 students presenting individual projects. The exhibition is the result of several weeks of intensive research and work during which the students developed ideas and experimented with different processes before defining their final works for this particular exhibition.

Sprækker – omvejene – an erotic foto-text and soundinstallation – by the author Mette Garfield at Støberiet

Støberiet Blågårds Pl. 5, København

The installation is a three-screen work with photo, video, sound and text excerpts from Mette Garfield's novel "Sprækker" (translated: "Cracks") published by Arkiv For Detaljer. The novel, as well as the installation, whose material is shown according to a principle of chance, deals with loss, sexuality, reification and defiance, and is written in an écriture féminine tradition.

Frigjort by Balder Olrik & Erik Steffensen – at Rudolph Tegners Museum og Statuepark

Rudolph Tegners Museum og Statuepark Museumsvej 19,, Dronningmølle

Balder Olrik and Erik Steffensen's exhibition is based on their shared fascination with Rudolph Tegner's life's work. The exhibition is named after Rudolph Tegner's sculpture “Liberated” (Frigjort, 1900-1901) where the artist has placed himself floating in the lotus position on top of a chaotic gathering of lustful and suffering men and women.

The Past in Front of Me by Astrid Kruse Jensen and Marie Sjøvold – at Fotografisk Center

Fotografisk Center Staldgade 16, København

The past in front of me is a dialogue exhibition between the visual artists Astrid Kruse Jensen (DK) and Marie Sjøvold (NO). They share the use of the photographic medium and a way of using a personal narrative and experiences as well as memories from their own lives in their artistic practices.


Photo walks by Ida Arentoft (family friendly)

Festival Centre Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen

Join photographer Ida Arentoft for an inspiring photo walk for children, young people and adults at Refshaleøen during Copenhagen Photo Festival. We’ll be going for a walk around the local area close to the photo festival.


Cyanotype Workshop at FRAME X Fotogodsbanen

Our partner Fotogodsbanen is facilitating a Cyanotype workshop in one container at FRAME on the 12th and 13th of june. Would you like to try v this beautiful alternative photography technique?

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