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Aftryk og Spor – at Lokale

14. June 2021 @ 12:00 - 24. June 2021 @ 18:00

Six artists – and one author – are gathered at a new exhibition in LOKALE and on the walls and in artist books, their works attack the feeling of powerlessness and the struggle to seize life and create its own interpretation of the world. In the midst of the annus horribilis, 2020–21 has offered the whole world, the exhibition presents six stories about power, powerlessness, hope and finding a way through the world and life as an individual.


What can sparse notes about an isolation prisoner’s vandalism on his cell tell us about social isolation, about enduring and about fighting? Tina Enghoff, one of Denmark’s best documentary art photographers for several decades, exhibits images from the book “Isolation” at the group exhibition “Impressions and Traces”. For a period, she photographed the prison guards’ dry notes on the outside of solitary confinement cells in Ringe Prison. “FUCK RINGE” has a prisoner burned into the ceiling of his cell. Another has drawn under the window, written under the table and scratched the window sill. In the photographs, the testamentary tone of the text is a narrow crack into a person’s desperation.

The relationship between text and photography has been a recurring feature in the selection of images for the exhibition. The exhibition is curated by the two artists Linda Hansen and Mette Juul, who also participate in the exhibition with their own works, and they tell about their desire with the exhibition:

“The exhibition relates existentially to its material, and the works bite off. In all the works there is a kind of resistance to all that the world is intruding on. The world leaves its mark on us as individuals, shapes our lives, but as human beings we also try to bite back and master our own narrative and interpretation, ”says Linda Hansen.

The exhibition’s works are all rooted in books that combine text and image. One of the exhibition’s most recent books is “The Picture of the Yellow Sun”, which tells the artist’s own story of having – and having lost – a father with schizophrenia. The book was published by Breadfield Press and came out of print in September, but has been several years in the making: “In 2001, I decided to start photographing my father. It was hard for me to be with him, but by using the camera as a shield, we were able to spend a few hours together. Long after my father’s death, I could not look at the pictures I had taken of him, but finally, in 2013, I took hold of it. Through the work with the pictures, I have the courage to confront my difficult relationship with my father. ”

Another work in the exhibition is “No Particular Future in Mind”, where the Swedish visual artist Kristina Bengtsson presents an abstraction of maps; a photographic collage of black-and-white photographs on one side and on the other a series of characters and bits of text, reminiscent of cues overheard at a highway cafe. Somewhere between the text and the photograph lies the interpretation of the world, as a fantasy to navigate.

“It is easy to fall into powerlessness in a world where there are great forces at play that we cannot control. The works remind us that all artistic expressions have a poetic power that can give air to our emotions and mobilize our resources, ”adds Mette Juul, the other curator of the exhibition.



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17th of June 17-19


Griffenfeldsgade 27
København, 2200 Danmark
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