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Adam Jandrup

The Censored Exhibition

6. June - 16. June

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The Censored Exhibition, which is the festival’s large group exhibition, presents the latest international fine art photography. Censored exhibitions, as a genre, have a long history behind them, and they are known all the way back from the salons in Paris, and to the academies today, where a committee selects the works to that will become exhibited.

The works at The Censored Exhibition are selected by this year’s jury: Elisa Medde, editor-in-chief of FOAM Magazine, Claire Gould, curator at HAM – Helsinki Art Museum, and Balder Olrik, artist, art critic etc.

This year, the works have been selected because of their innovative thinking and versatility, among other things. The exhibition contains dynamic motifs, successful personal communication and themes such as: new ways to use the church in a secular society and climate debate and how environmental pollution puts its mark on our land. Many of the works follow the jury’s words that “even though the narrative seems straightforward, the work still sets the thought in motion” and that “it is not clear what you are looking at, and the works give a desire to step closer and closely study the subjects.”

In 2019, the festival received 360 applications from 42 different countries. 25 artists from 12 different countries have been selected. The exhibited photographers range from very young photo-students to established fine art photographers. At the festival’s last day, selected works from The Censored Exhibition will be auctioned in collaboration with Bruun Rasmussen Kunstauktioner (Bruun Rasmussen Art Auctions).

The 25 selected artists in 2019 are: Adam Jandrup (DK), Alex Marchis (RU), Andreas Till (DE), Anna Cherednikova (RU / ES), Annika Björndotter (SE), Charles Xelot (FR), Christian Guldager (DK ), Claudio Verbano (DE), Dieter Schamne (DE), Eric Tabuchi (FR), Erlend Berge (NO), Gerlinde Miesenboeck (AU / DE), Kasper Christiansen (DK), Lars Daniel (DK), Ludovica Bastianini (IT ), Martin Magntorn (SE), Martin Tscholl (DE), Paola Ruvioli (IT), Philip Gath (DK), Qian Jin (CN), Sofie Pihl (DK), Stepan Chubaev (RU), Tommaso Sacconi (IT / US ), Torkil Gudnason (DK / US), Vanja Bucan (SI / DE).

The Censored Exhibition is funded by Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond and Knud Højgaards Fond.