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Sasja van Vechgel

‘M’ Blind and Beautiful

| Gallery Boat Liva IINyhavn 26

5. June - 30. August

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‘M.’ tells us the story of a 9 year old girl in her daily life.

’M.’ is born blind and found highly intelligent. This blindness and wisdom are her normality. Touch, smell, sound, taste and a devoted all encompassing upbringing by her parents has given M her reality. How to perceive this ‘reality’ as an outsider?

Having no visual dreams, what is happening in M’s imagination? Through metaphorical imagery, movement, and symbols, the photographer has tried to visualize M’s life.

Every day there will be a live talk of 15 minutes at 15pm with the photographer Sasja van Vechgel.

June 5, 17.00-19.00

Opening hours in the period:
Monday-Sunday, 12.00-17.00