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Poul Erik Veigaard


| Kirkegaards AntikvariatIslands Brygge 25
Copenhagen S,2300Danmark

1. June - 13. June

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This exhibition is a sensational – and for some long-awaited – comeback, for one of the 1970’s most exciting photographers.

Poul Erik Veigaard is a living legend in Danish photography and this exhibition will be the first solo exhibition of his original photographic print for many years, perhaps the first ever.

Poul Erik Veigaard founded and was for many years the driving force in Galleri Image in Aarhus and in parallel with this he ran the quality printing house “Fingerprint” where many of the finest Danish photo books was printed, for example, the books of Tove Kurtzweil. He also published a photobook with photographs of Allen Ginsberg. Poul Erik arranged exhibitions with original photographs by prominent photographers, such as Diane Arbus and Christer Strömholm at a time when they were as good as unknown in Denmark and only very few in the country were interested in photography as art.

Veigaard is a photographer himself and his work had an international awareness very few Danish photographers could pride themselves of. In the 70s Danish photography was primarily characterized by the socially committed and the documentary. Together with photographers such as Tage Poulsen and Frank Mundt, Poul Erik Veigaard helped to pave the way for the photograph as an independent and recognized art form in Denmark.

Veigaard’s life has been a tumultuous one and therefore very few original works has survived and it is a selection of these rare original prints that will be shown at Kirkegaards under the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019. Veigaard’s motivational world is dark and dreamy, reminiscent of the 70’s greatest photographers, Wynn Bullock, Minor White, and not least Ralph Gibson.

Veigaard is a colorful person and has in recent years worked with the musician Goodiepal and created works and events together, which could be seen in the portrait film The Goodiepal Equation (2017) – and in 2018 a film portrait about Veigaard, – Når øjet brister -, where Lars Muhl interviews Veigaard, who talks about his life, and especially about his work with the photograph.

Opening hours in the period:
Monday – Friday, 10.00-16.00
Saturday, 10.00-14.00