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Espen Rasmussen Andrea Bruce Rasmus Dalland Martin Thaulow

Panel discussion: Photography in the public debate


6. June 14:00 - 17:00

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Photography in the public debate – Freedom of speech, identity and democracy

All across Europe, right-wing movements and political parties are emerging as a response to the recent years’ arrival of refugees and migrants. As the political left simultaneously stand their ground, the different attitudes towards nations’ responsibilities in the so-called refugee crisis seem to collide more and more.

How do we ensure freedom of speech in a political climate increasingly characterized by disagreement? And what does the photograph add to the debate between the political oppositions, and all those who are somewhere in between?

Join the debate on the opening day of this year’s Copenhagen Photo Festival, where we discuss whether photography can reduce the gap in a parted Europe.

We have invited a number of international and national experts in this field and we hereby announce the first four members of the panel:

Espen Rasmussen: Norwegian photographer with several prizes from World Press Photo and Picture of the Year International. Espen Rasmussen is one of the main profiles at this year’s Copenhagen Photo Festival with his voluminous exhibition White Rage.
Read more here: www.espenrasmussen.com

Andrea Bruce: American photojournalist focusing on how democracy is interpreted by the individual citizen. In addition to being a co-owner of the respected photo agency NOOR, Andrea Bruce has worked 8 years in some of the world’s most troubled areas as a staff photographer for The Washington Post.
Read more here: www.andreabruce.com

Rasmus Dalland: Danish journalist with a new book coming out titled Identitær – a journey into Europe’s New Right: a documentary travel book around Europe and into the new right-wing trends.
Read more here: www.atlasmag.dk/kort-nyt/ny-bog-fra-atlas (danish only)

Martin Thaulow: Danish photographer who works in the intersection between documentary and fine arts photography. Martin Thaulow is also the founder of Refugee.Today, an organization which aims at creating awareness to the rights of refugees in Europe and the Middle East.
Read more here: www.martinthaulow.com

Natasha Al-Hariri: Danish debater with a Palestinian background. She is a trained lawyer, and regularly participates in the public debate, most often in connection with issues relating to the integration of new Danes and ethnic minorities.

Aurelija Aniulyte Beattie: Spokesperson for Generation Identitær, a patriotic youth movement that works to preserve Danish and European culture in Europe. The movement focuses on the importance of mass immigration and multiculturalism for Europe through peaceful and creative activism.


Text to the picture: Egersund, Norway, 09/2016. Kjersti Margrethe Adelheid Gilje, spokesperson for the anti-Islamist group, Norsk Forsvars Allianse (Norwegian Defense Alliance), gives a prayer at home with her cat. “God must protect Norway against Islam and the ideology of evil,” says Kjersti. Photo: ESPEN RASMUSSEN, VG / Panos Pictures.


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