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Bo Mølgaard

Konge / King

| EKS-RUMMETPrags Boulevard 61, 1. sal
Copenhagen S,2300Danmark

7. June - 16. June

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Let us build perfect spaces where everything is uniformly sharp, just staggering. Let us add all the time. Let us mark, count and measure. Put the leaf on a nettle. Because we will never die. 
On a bottom of oranges, large-format pigment print and spatial objects with a photographic mark are displayed. An artist’s book, leporello, unfolds the theme of the exhibition. The basic statements are taken from a month-long stay at the Danish Institute in Athens in January. This quaint town, with a diverse archaeological site, surrounded in all directions by kilometers of concrete, all of which appears to be casted from the same template in 1958. The perfect background to give light to the oranges in the city’s trees. They become metaphors for life. All photography is (indeed) about death and life, about being able to extend the present, into an afterlife.
The exhibition can be seen as a celebration of the small space of time we have to live in.

June 7, 17.00-20.00

Opening hours in the period:
Thurs-Sun 14.00-17.00