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Jesper Houborg

The Ones Who Look the Same

| VideomøllenSankt Hans Gade 10

6. June - 16. June

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With this piece, Jesper Houborg seeks to re-open the conversation about the heavily debated topic of the refugee:

How do you relate to the trauma of people fleeing war? How do you as a mass media consumer relate to the overload of images depicting the influx of refugees into Europe and beyond? How do you relate to people when their identity is distorted? What does the distortion of identity mean for your entitlement to human rights?

Outside exhibition, where the piece is projected on a gable.

Read more about the piece here.

Jesper Houberg’s photos will be shown every night at 22-24, except for Sunday June the 9th, where Videomøllen will screen a music documentary. 

Interactive event: Saturday the 8th, 20.30-23.30 (read more here.)