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Jana Sophia Nolle

Living Room

6. June - 16. June

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In a contrast filled series, Jana Sophia Nolle (b. 1986) questions the buyer’s culture of society and raises questions of integration and homelessness.

Jana Sophia Nolle is a German photographer who has her base in both Berlin and San Francisco. With the project Living Room, Nolle documents an array of temporary homeless shelters in San Francisco by placing them in wealthy people’s living rooms. Nolle observes societal structures of power by doing this. It creates a contrast between rich and poor, powerful and powerless and shines a new light upon cultural and societal differences.

The project explores the material side of social challenges. Besides homelessness, the exhibition revolves around themes like buyer’s culture, power and politics.

The living room functions as a place into which we retreat and ‘live’, but also as one into which we welcome others; we invite people in to gain insight into our lives and ourselves, not only through the conversations we have, but also through the display of our belongings, the visitor’s understanding of them, as well as their interpretation of the overall environment itself.”

(From: “JANA SOPHIA NOLLE: LIVING ROOM”, Essay by Aaron Schuman)