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Yéro Djigo (MR)

Vernissage: “Mauritanian War Veterans” by Yéro Djigo

| Københavns Kulturcenter x IMMARTDrejervej 15-17
København,København NV2400

7. June 2018 17:00 - 19:00

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In this series, Yéro Djigo depicts Mauritanian veterans of the French colonial army – former Black Mauritanian soldiers who served as tirailleurs in the French Western-African colonial troops and former Arab-Berber soldiers who served as goumiers. Both tirailleurs and goumiers (riflemen & camel troopers) were used by the French to conquer and secure Mauritania’s territory under colonial rule. Both helped create the National Army and the Independence of Mauritania. Grandson of a late veteran, Yéro is the first photographer to narrate this untold history from an African perspective.

Date and time: June 7th at 5-7pm