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Mathias Løvgreen Garrett O. Hansen

Artist talk: About the artistic practice w. Garrett O. Hansen and Mathias Løvgreen

9. June 15:30 - 16:45

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How do you have a multidisciplinary approach towards the photograph? And what happens when you get inspiration in the intersection between psychology, art and technology?

Copenhagen Photo Festival introduces two artist talks at the festival center on Refshaleøen. Here, we meet in Maskinværkstedet, Reffen – Cph Street Food, where we will start the talk by getting an introduction to the works of the American visual artist and photographer Garrett O. Hansen. In his attempt to address the American weapons culture that annually causes the death of 30,000 Americans, he tries to balance this destruction with creation. Thus, Hansen creates images that are both attractive and terrifying at the same time.

Afterwards, we move further down Maskinværkstedet, where we look at Mathias Løvgreen’s video and performance installation “KOMA RETREAT”. The exhibition is a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Sebastian Kloborg, where they are inspired by the world of psychology, art and technology. With this artist talk, we look at Løvgreens artistic practice, and how he explores the nature of human with the use of video, performance and technology. What happens when human beings go from being organic creatures to digital entities?

Along the way, there will be a chance to ask questions to the artists about their photographs and their exhibition.

With festival wristbands, the event is free!