That Atla IMPACT!

Image credit: Detail from Einar Mølmann Fulgem

Copenhagen Photo Festival is glad to announce that the visionary Danish curator collective and Nordic platform for camera-based art, ATLA Platform, will present three new exhibitions by emerging Nordic artists at the festival center in June. All three have been developed through a process of individual mentorships with specialists from the Nordic photo scene.

“IMPACT” is a mentorship program implemented by the platform ATLA. The purpose is to support emerging artists in the field of lens-based media in the Nordic countries. The selected artists receive individual mentorship and financial support to be able to present an exhibition of new work at the festival center this summer. 

Four emerging artists will present three new exhibitions

  • Jasko Bobar and Sebastian T. Thorsted (DK)
  • Einar Mølmann Fulgem (NO)
  • Linnéa Cramer (SE)

They approach the medium of photography in vastly different ways. Still, they share an interest in investigating the impact of image culture and how imagery is read in today’s society. 

Six mentors will support the artists in the creation of their new works

Anna Clarén: visual artist and teacher (Nordens Fotoskola, Biskops-Arnö, Sweden) 

Alex Avgud: photographer and teacher 

Jenny Nordquist: artistic director (Landskrona Foto, Sweden)

Behzad Farazollahi: artist, curator and teacher

Cecilie Stephansen and Linnea Frandsen: ATLA 


Image credit: Detail from Linnéea Cramer                                                                                                                    Image credit: Detail from Jasko Bobar and Sebastian T. Thorted                                                                  

About ATLA

ATLA is a Nordic platform for camera-based art. Through mentorships, exhibitions, publications, and talks we nurture artistic talent. Atla is based in Copenhagen and is run by Linnea Frandsen and Cecilie Skovdal Stephansen.

Read more about Alta here.

FUTURES "On the Verge"

Image credit: Alice Pallot

As a member of FUTURES Photography, Copenhagen Photo Festival is thrilled to receive the travelling exhibition “On the Verge” and its seven artists.

The exhibition features seven selected international FUTURES talents that each show their take on life on the edge – from the queer environment to coming to terms with Brexit. The exhibition is curated in collaboration between the three FUTURES partner institutions CAMERA (Turin, Italy), Fotofestiwal Lodz (Poland) and Copenhagen Photo Festival (Denmark).

Theme On the Verge

What does it mean to be “On the Verge” in 2023? In this exhibition you will find at least 7 different answers from the 7 photographers selected. As a society but also as individuals we are On the Verge, whether in terms of politics, ecology, identity or communication among other topics. Through more than 70 workpieces/artworks, they tell us personal and collective stories about conflicts, battles for gender equality, food and ecological sustainability or the rise of populism and nationalism across Europe. 

Exhibiting artists at the festival

These are the following artists that present us their vision of being “On the Verge”

  • Cian Burke - I fear that the magic has left this place
  • Mark Duffy - Brexit is your fault
  • Pauline Hisbacq - Songs for Women and Birds
  • Julia Klewaniec - Silent Racism
  • Alice Pallot - Suillus, looking at the sun with closed eyelids
  • Daniel Szalai - Unleash Your Herd’s Potential
  • Ugo Woatzi - Chameleon

Read more about the On the Verge travelling exhibition here

Fang din by 2023

Image credit: Danish Architecture Center

“Fang din by” (Capture your city) is back! 

The Danish Architecture Center is collaborating again with Copenhagen Photo Festival for their photo contest open to everyone with a camera or a phone. Do not miss your chance to participate! 


Fang din by (Capture Your City), 2023 edition

This year’s theme is “No Filter”. You can of course use a filter or edit your image but the idea is to capture the purest aspect of your city. What does the city look like if you strip away the sunshine and sunsets? If we look at the city through honest eyes - what other types of motifs crop up? The challenge is to avoid picturesque shots and capture the beauty of the raw, the unpolished, the abandoned in your city. 

The best photos will be exhibited on the Bryghuspladsen square outside the Danish Architecture Center, as well as in other cities. 3 winners will be designated by the jury formed by Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, Copenhagen Photo Festival director; Emile Hertling Péronard, film producer; Marie Hald, photographer; Mia Heil Rasmussen, head of Marketing and Communication DAC and Tanja Zhigalova; winner of last year’s edition. 


How to participate?

You want to participate? Use the #DACfangdinby2023 on Instagram or send your photo with your contact information to fangdinby@dac.dkl with “Fang din by 2023 – hovedkonkurrence” in the subject line. You have until April 19th 2023 to participate, so grab your camera and explore your city with a “No Filter” perspective! 


Read more about the contest and terms and conditions here.

FUTURES Talents 2023

Image credit: Mikkel Hørlyck

The festival is proud to be able to finally present this year's five FUTURES Talents: Giulia Mangione, Jonas Yang Tislevoll, Mikkel Hørlyck, Sofie Flinth and Susanne Fagerlund. They will each present a screening at the festival center on Refshaleøen. 

As part of the European platform FUTURES Photography, Copenhagen Photo Festival each year gets to select five talents from our region. This year the FUTURES talents appointed by Copenhagen Photo Festival were selected among nearly 100 applicants seeking the open call from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Copenhagen Photo Festival selection

Their Scandinavian background and their photo related education is maybe one of the few things the five talents have in common, besides joining the FUTURES platform for 2023.

Based on an open call, the festival’s programme committee has aimed for talents at a state in their career where FUTURES’ international connections, professional feedback and the networking can boost or push the boundaries of the talents’ individual position.

From photojournalism or (very) personal stories to the use of Artificial Intelligence with an environmental focus, they present the crème de la crème of what photography can be in Scandinavia. 

FUTURES 2023 Talents at the festival 

Each artist will have a screening at the festival to present their project: 

  • "The Fall" - Giulia Mangione 
  • "Take care of yourself son, your mom loves you" - Jonas Yang Tislevoll
  • "Jørgen, a Mystery" - Mikkel Hørlyck 
  • "A Million Dollar View" - Sofie Flinth
  • "The Doppelgänger Series –  Mourning for what is being lost" - Susanne Fagerlund⁠

Read more about the FUTURES Talents here.

Meet Krista Svalbonas – solo artist 2022 under the Framing Vision category

"I think there's an importance to this work right now, especially since history is repeating. We are seeing the war in Ukraine, which kinds of mirrors this story as well."⁠

The Baltic-American artist Krista Svalbonas is the woman behind the exhibition "Displacement" which won this year's open-call in the category Framing Vision and which is the amazing, thought provoking and scarily relevant result of an intensive research process into the history of her family's Baltic roots. Her parents fled the Russian regime after World War II and Svalbonas project excavates this history.⁠

We were happy to have the chance to meet and interview Krista when she was visiting the festival for the install and opening last weekend. ⁠

Svalbonas' laser-cut photographs can be experienced at the festival until this Sunday, so don't hesitate to stop by!⁠

Video credit: Sonia Tomegros Regalado

Meet Alexandra Rose Howland – solo artist 2022 under the Framing Society category

"With my work I'm trying to relook at things that we've already seen before, and to rephotograph them in a way that challenges our perspective and challenges the narrative that we've already formed in our minds about these locations."⁠

Alexandra Rose Howland (US/UK) has spent the last decade living in the Middle East. Throughout this time, Howland became aware that what a foreigner views and photographs does not always embody the lived reality of locals, and Howland began asking to download first-person accounts; from selfies to family photos, to Snapchats. The resulting Leave and Let Us Go is an intimate and multi-dimensional portrait of Irak and Iraqis that returns the narrative power of an often-misunderstood country to its own citizens.⁠

We were happy to have the chance to meet and interview Alexandra when she was visiting the festival for the install and opening. You can experience Alexandra's work at the festival until tomorrow evening, so don't hesitate to stop by the Festival Center this weekend!⁠


Video credit: Sonia Tomegros Regalado

Meet Hien Hoang - solo artist 2022 under the Framing Identity category

"I want to talk about the clichés and stereotypes about Asian people in the West using food as the output. I think food is a very powerful medium, and it says a lot about our country, our heritage, our identity, our memories."

Meet Hien Hoang! The artist behind the Festival Center exhibition 'Asia Bistro – Made in Rice'⁠.

The Vietnamese artist won our open call in the Framing Identity category this year with her project. ⁠We were very happy to have her here for the opening of the exhibition at Refshaleøen last week. Here she gives an introduction to herself and her amazing exhibition, work and practice!⁠

Hien's exhibition is open until June 12 at the Festival Center.


Video credit: Sonia Tomegros Regalado