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Copenhagen Photo Festival

Counting the Days to This Year's Festival

The countdown to this year’s festival has begun. Within weeks we will update you on the programme for this year’s Copenhagen Photo Festival.

The first official artists to be announced for this year are the three solo artist. They represent our three focal points Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision. You can read up on them below.

About CPF
Three focal points

Identity. Society. Vision.

The three solo artists based on the open call 2022 are selected as this year’s headliners of our three focal points: Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision. They are our way of opening up windows to other worlds and serve the purpose of showcasing photography across genres, by focusing on the individual, society and art.

The three artists stand as the epitome of each category. 

Framing Identity - HIEN HOANG - Asia Bistro – Made in Rice
Framing Vision - KRISTA SVALBONAS - Displacement
Framing Society - ALEXANDRA ROSE HOWLAND - Leave and Let Us Go

Nyheder fra CPF

”We want to create a spacious and tactile art experience, where the festival guests feel like they are entering the works”

— Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, festival director

Photo credits: Laura Negro (