Programme Highlights

A Big Heartfelt Thank You!

We want to thank everyone who visited Copenhagen Photo Festival 2022 – in our Festival Center as well as at all the exhibitions at our Festival Partner Venues across Copenhagen and Scania.

And of course we also want to thank everyone who made this year’s festival so very special: Our three solo artists, Hien Hoang, Alexandra Rose Howland and Krista Svalbonas, Tofu Collective’s curation of the Space Frame with chinese artist Luo Yang and Lin Zhipeng, DMJX’s presentation of three photo journalistic talents Jesper Houborg, Louise Herrche and Mads Frost, Odesa Photo Days’ two exhibitions Granny by Olena Morozova and the group exhibition The Thin Line and the Norwegian curator Charlotte Wiig’s group exhibition of a host of female photographers called A Female Gaze.

We are also greatful for all the supporters making the exhibitions happening: Københavns Kommune, Det Obelske Familie Fond, Creative Europe Programme, Nordic Counsil of Ministers and Værksted for fotografi as well as all the helpful and supportive volunteers that are the backbone in making the festival happen at all.

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Copenhagen Photo Festival

Nyheder fra CPF

”We want to create a spacious and tactile art experience, where the festival guests feel like they are entering the works”

— Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, festival director

Photo credits: Laura Negro (