Solo Artist 2023

Daniel Hinks

The Sunshiners; Code Red in Green China

In The Sunshiners; Code Red in Green China Daniel Hinks focuses on fishing culture in China and how the increasing amount of plastic and contamination in the oceans is impacting this way of life and questions old habits and traditions.

Hinks connects the ocean to the massive plastic contamination it contains. He points out the importance of fishing in China and how it is traditionally and economically very important for a lot of people. Sea contamination is like an iceberg. The plastic we can see on the surface of the ocean is the top, but it goes way beyond into the depths of the sea and our bodies. If nothing gets changed, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

With his creative process, Hinks tries to avoid a generic portrait of the issue by adding external elements such as gloves, bottles,… to connect the photographs with the people, the place and the reality he presents. He also uses acetate sheets and sea water developed negatives to take us back and forth between the reality of the present and the deterioration that is yet to come if we do not adapt and change our ways.


Daniel Hinks is an English photographer currently based in China. After a diploma in Art and Design and one in Photography at Stafford College he graduated with a MA in Photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of Arts in London.
Documentary photographer and visual artist Daniel Hinks is fascinated by the human condition and focuses on stories he truly believes in. He looks at the state of human existence but concentrates on the resilience of the human spirit. He thinks that images can have a big impact on people and create a change. In his work, Hinks intends to bring about understanding between cultures, races, religion and bridge the gap between humans.