Portrait of Frej Rosenstjerne – ‘Prolonging State of Mind #1’ & Daniele Sambo – ‘Short Stories’

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Meet the two artists Frej Rosenstjerne and Daniele Sambo and learn more about their artistic practice. Their exhibitions were part of Photo City at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2016.

Frej Rosenstjerne – ‘Prolonging State of Mind’:
‘Prolonging State of Mind I’ can only truly be experienced by entering the space where the pictures are. In here, the photograph is no longer a captured moment, but rather like a deep breath; an extension of the senses. A photographic installation that thematizes the sensory presence in an increased digitalized and fleeting reality. Where are the boundaries between the ‘genuine’ nature and manmade nature in a world driven by technology? The work explores this complex field, and the images evoke the notion that true nature is separated from culture and technology. Man’s sentimental attempt to preserve and archive what is natural, is present as an echo. Upon closer examination, the digital collages expose the dream for what it truly is. The spectator is prompted to pause and procrastinate in its company. The fleeting moment we usually associate with a photo has been extended into a new reality.

Frej Rosenstjerne (born 1982 in Denmark) graduated from Fatamorgana School of Photography in 2010. Since then, he has since taken part in exhibitions both in Denmark and internationally. His work is featured in Galleri Naboløs.

Daniele Sambo – ‘Short Stories’:
The aim of this series is to bring together glimpses of the technological race towards the innovation that characterizes the development of Western societies, nature, and daily neighborhood life – echoing environmental science fiction references. One of the stories is called ‘The Wooden Spaceships’ (working title), and it came to be in one of the oldest plantations of oak trees in Denmark, dating back to the 1700’s, just a few miles outside of Viborg. The final piece, in the form of an artist book, will be presented at Viborg Kunsthal in September 2016.

The work of Daniele Sambo (Venice, Italy, 1983) is often looking for a direct exchange of knowledge and dialogue, and the processes are very often concerned with how the work interjects into and discusses communities. It looks at the links between monumental and functional proprieties of objects
in the public sphere – with a specific focus on the different ways in which nature brings people together. Daniele is working and living in Glasgow and is currently a visiting lecturer for the Master’s program in Communication Design/Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.

Video from Copenhagen Photo Festival 2016
The exhibitions took place June 2.-12. 2016 and were part of Photo City at Bremerholm Transformerstation
Video produced by Sturla Pilskog for Copenhagen Photo Festival
Supported by The City of Copenhagen and Danish Arts Foundation