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María Kristín H. Antonsdóttir Lene Harbo Pedersen

The Nature Within

| NW Gallery Nansensgade 10
København, København K 1366

9. juni 2019 - 17. juni 2019

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Focusing on the sketchbook and the unique artist book as medium and method, NW Gallery is proud to present two connected exhibitions showing the artistic process in the making of these.
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Exploring the intersections of art, nature and the self the artists use the artist book’s intimate, tactile and sensual space to get in touch with their inner and outer world and to share their stories.

“The Nature Within”

– An exhibition showing unique artist books and the personal process in the making of them


María Kristín H. Antonsdóttir (IS) and Lene Harbo Pedersen (DK)

The presented artists use the artist book’s intimate, tactile and sensual space to get in touch with and share experienses in connection with a major life change. When serious disease happens. When somebody close dies. When reality becomes a self-study. Going through mournful periods. Exploring the circle of life and death. Investigating the construction and articulation of memory, the existence individually and in affiliation with others.

In the exhibition the two artist’s unique and handmade books ”Untitled Family Album #1” by María Kristín H. Antonsdóttir and ” Mod er mærker” by Lene Harbo Pedersen will be showcased together with visualization of the process material of sketches, archives, collages, reliefs, photographs, albums, nature elements and text.

The content of the process in the making of them and the collaborations with other artistst, the exhibition will show the investigations, considerations of approaches and perspectives until the final choices of medium, method and material made.

Åbningstider i perioden:

June 5 – June 16 opening hours:
Wednesday 05.06: OPEN GALLERY 14-18 – meet the artists
Sunday 09.06: OFFICIAL O P E N I N G  14-18
Monday 10.06: CLOSED
Tuesday 11.06: CLOSED
Wednesday 12.06: 13-16
Thursday 13.06: 13-16
Friday 14.06: 13-16
Saturday 15.06: 12-15
Sunday 16.06: 12-15