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Sara Skorgan Teigen

Interior Landscape

| NW Gallery Nansensgade 10
København, København K 1366

9. juni 2019 - 17. juni 2019

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Focusing on the sketchbook and the unique artist book as medium and method, NW Gallery is proud to present two connected exhibitions showing the artistic process in the making of these.
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Exploring the intersections of art, nature and the self the artists use the artist book’s intimate, tactile and sensual space to get in touch with their inner and outer world and to share their stories.

“Interior Landscape”

– The room as a sketchbook –

SOLO Exhibition


Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO)

NW Gallery is excited to present Sara Skorgan Teigen’s first solo exhibition in Denmark.
Her work is a meeting-point between her inner, emotional explorations and the outside world; the confluence between the metaphysical and the physical.

During the exhibition she will turn the gallery space into a physical sketchbook. A sketchbook with drawings, collages, textiles with photo embroidery, photographic prints and notes directly on the walls.

In 2014 her first sketchbook “Fractal State of Being” was published by Journal and it was selected as one of the best photo books that year at Paris Photo – Apertures Photo Book award. She is now working on her second book “Interior Landscape” to be published in 2019. Her new work is as much about exhibition as a book itself. Exhibition as a medium of the book.

In order to look more clearly and get an overview of her work, she will use the room as a think tank, the walls as pages, investigating the formats and sizes, limitations and possibilities. She will also use the mood and atmosphere while working in the room. In this way, the work will become and evolve, site specific in the present moment.

Sara Skorgan Teigen will go through the process of deconstruct and construct the artist book.

“The book is a mirror for the artist’s inner life. The book as a medium can tell a story that is longer or more complicated, has several events, contains more situations than “one picture”. The book is the artist’s best friend and conversation partner and colleague. An artist’s book tells the viewer that you are now going to experience this story in a private intimate room, at your own pace, while flipping through it. A book is like a story told more on a second hand. It is more confidential.”

Åbningstider i perioden:

June 5 – June 16 opening hours:
Wednesday 05.06: OPEN GALLERY 14-18 – meet the artists
Sunday 09.06: OFFICIAL O P E N I N G  14-18
Monday 10.06: CLOSED
Tuesday 11.06: CLOSED
Wednesday 12.06: 13-16
Thursday 13.06: 13-16
Friday 14.06: 13-16
Saturday 15.06: 12-15
Sunday 16.06: 12-15