’15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees 2024 – 15 years of celebrating photography’.  

Copenhagen Photo Festival is thrilled to finally announce the selection of the 15 artists that we highlight at this year’s festival on the occasion of our 15th anniversary.

Emanuele Occhipinti – A’ Muntagna

To mark the 15th anniversary of Copenhagen Photo Festival and celebrate the diversity of contemporary photography all the 15 selectees will be presented at this year’s festival – four with a solo exhibition and 11 in a group show – all engaging with the overarching theme ‘Entanglement’. 

In a global perspective with climate change, wars, Western consumerism, AI technology or drug trafficking, it is relevant to talk about a concept like ‘entanglement’ to describe how major historical events as well as our own everyday life are closely connected and can mutually influence each other in unpredictable, unruly and even messy ways.

 CPF on ‘entanglement’

Each of the 15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees 2024 enrich the theme of ’entanglement’ with their particular perspective. The diversity of the projects as well as the dedication, thoughtfulness and not least the way the projects connect with the theme is stunning. 

The projects expand and stretch the unruly ‘yarn ball’ concept of ‘entanglement’ in new, surprising, contemplative, critical and also very personal ways that give us insights into unknown territories, histories and fictions. 

They show us how entanglement is taking place within the body and mind as well as over time through history, across global borders and how we are all in this world of war, conflict and climate crises together and how we can try to cope and create hope and agency if we connect and listen.

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