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Join us in the sunshine and experience high-quality photography as we celebrate photography on CPF Celebrating Photography Day Thursday, June 18th. The program starts at 16 at Vesterbro in Copenhagen, and continues on Refshaleøen, where there is even more photography and cold drinks – and you can jump on and off as you see fit!

Experience the EU project Reconstruction of Identities on Sønder Boulevard in Copenhagen, be overwhelmed by large-format photography as we showcase our 7 solo exhibitors’ works at CPF’s exhibition space FRAME on Refshaleøen, come to a pop-up event that offers drinks and prints or create your own photo route in Copenhagen among the satellite exhibitions with our interactive map.

The day has become a reality in collaboration with our good partners Altan.dk, Atla. Nordic Platform for Emerging Photography and Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food.

You can read much more about the day here