Coming of Age

At a very young age the Danish photographer Christine Lorenzen has evolved a distinct, personal visual language that unfolds and masters a varied palette of grey as she explores identity, beauty and body issues in collaboration with her close friends. What began as a personal visual diary of photos has now become a kaleidoscopic project exploring what it means to grow up and become a person in your own right – with a little help from your friends.

“At the start of the project, it was very intuitive. I just captured moments with my friends, depicting what we were doing. It was more caught-in-the-moment snapshots. However, as the years passed and I became more aware that my photography needed a purpose, I saw the opportunity for it to evolve into a formal project. It became less intuitive and transformed into a more intentional process, photographing with a clear sense of purpose.”

Christine Lorenzen


Grappling with growing up

Project: Coming of Age, by Christine Lorenzen

Danish photographer Christine Lorenzen’s project Coming of Age is a photographic diary in lots of tactile nuances of grey tones depicting her personal relations and experiences over the past decade – from adolescence to adulthood. The project evolved into a series of mementos of a time and a group of people, their bodies, and their relationships. It stems from a process of examining elements of intuition, trust-building, body positivity, and the interconnectedness between the photographer, the subjects, and the audience.

Christine Lorenzen // Coming of Age

The complexities of growing up

Coming of Age was not conceived as a deliberate project initially; it grew organically as Lorenzen navigated the complexities of adolescence and relationships. The project mirrors the photographer’s journey – from an intuitive snapshot approach to a more intentional and technically refined one. As Lorenzen matured, so did her photographic technique and characteristic style, emphasizing purpose and a deeper understanding of her subjects. 

The project serves as a visual diary, capturing raw, uncensored, and intimate moments that reflect the growth and evolution of Lorenzen’s relationships. The visual narrative transcends traditional boundaries, offering viewers a glimpse into the emotional landscapes of growing up – friendships, family, and intimate connections.

An intimate collaborative process built on trust

One of the key qualities of this work is the trust that was built between Lorenzen and her subjects. The relationships go beyond the lens, forging emotional bonds that are evident in the intimate portrayal she makes of each person in front of her lens. 

“I believe the most crucial element is trust. I don’t have any intention of exposing people in a negative light. My project is driven by good intentions. I genuinely appreciate the beauty of the individuals I photograph, both internally and externally. So, trust plays a significant role, as it resonates with my vision and aesthetic. Many of the individuals I photograph are vulnerable and authentic, but I take pride in that. We’re collaboratively creating something beautiful, and it’s not about using the body merely as a sculpture; it goes beyond that. We find joy in the process of making aesthetically pleasing images together.”

Christine Lorenzen // Coming of Age

A youthful exploration of identity and connection

There is an open representation of bodies, identity and sexuality in Lorenzen’s images. The project celebrates individuality and self-expression and Lorenzen navigates the delicate balance between public and private. The sharing of this visual diary invites viewers to reflect on their own experiences, fostering a sense of connection and shared identity.

“I believe that every person has a unique beauty, manifested in a way that resonates with them and feels authentic. I think it’s crucial to showcase diverse bodies and individuals, exploring the intricacies of relationships and the varying perceptions of connection. Our relationships with others, as well as our self-perception, differ significantly, influencing how we interpret and define the concept of beauty.”

Picturing entangled lives

There’s a strong feeling of entanglement as the relationships between photographer and subjects interweave, creating a tapestry of shared experiences. Lorenzen’s project becomes a reflection of the interconnectedness between individuals, relationships, and the evolving self. The images of Coming of Age offer a nuanced perspective on youth, their bodies, and aspirations. 

This project evolved from an intuitive exploration to a purposeful visual diary. The images highlight the importance of trust, contributing to a collective narrative of youth, relationships, and personal growth. Lorenzen invites viewers to reflect on their own experiences, fostering a sense of shared identity in the diverse tapestry of human connection. Coming of Age is not just a collection of images; it is a testament to the profound impact relationships can have on shaping identity as well as artistic processes.

Christine Lorenzen // Coming of Age


"This work is connected to defining identity, both for myself and the people I photograph. I believe it's about understanding what a relationship is, and how it comes and goes throughout your life. It's an exploration of life's evolution, encompassing relationships in various forms. Relationships shape identity, and the dynamics with different individuals bring distinct outcomes. It's a reflection on how relationships influence and shape one's journey. When I revisit my pictures, I can see the influence I left on the person I photographed, understanding the impact they've had on me and the narrative captured in my work."

Christine Lorenzen

Text and edit · Felipe Abreu and Christine Almlund

Danish photographer Christine Lorenzen is an autodidact photographer living in Copenhagen. She is currently studying photography at NEXT KBH and has had her work exhibited in several institutions and festivals throughout Europe. Her work is focused on topics related to intimacy and the building of personal diaries.

Selected achievements

  • – 2023 – OVENPÅ Sexualia Takeover / Groupshow – Copenhagen 
  • – 2023 – Fotocentrum Rasenborg / Solo Exhibition ‘Coming Of Age’ – Finland 
  • – 2021 – Feature Fisheye Magazine / France 
  • – 2021 – ‘Politiken’ Front page IBYEN TILLÆG + Feature 
  • – 2020 – Atla Nordic Platform For Emerging Photography / Group show ‘NEDSMELTNING’ – Copenhagen