Christian Vium – Girl in the water

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Starting from the Amazon in Brazil, Christian Vium’s exhibition ‘Revelations’ is a part of his anthropological research project ‘Temporal Dialogues’ which explores the western representations of the cultural ‘other’ across time and cultures in Australia, Brazil and Siberia. Vium has researched in archive photographs taken by western explorers from 1860-1920, and he has sought out native descendants of the portrayed and in a way re-created the photographs focusing on the portrait, the monument and the landscape. ‘Revelations’ consists of a threechannel video installation, photographs and archive material. ‘Revelations’ will be given world premiere at the festival 2017. Christian Vium (b. 1980) is a photographer, an anthropologist and has a Ph.D. He has won several international prices Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie for the project ‘Ville Nomade’ in 2016