We need your opinion!

Image credit: ©FrancescoMartello

Each year we try to create the best experience for all our visitors! 

For that reason we are very curious to know more about your own experience. What did you like? What can we improve in the future?

Copenhagen Photo Festival always needs to evolve in the best way possible from one year to another and we will never stop learning from our experiences. We want to create a good festival for the visitors and present new innovative exhibitions with emerging or established artists as well as organizing interesting events related to photography and our annual theme. That’s why we are always open for suggestions. 

It would be a big help if you could take 5 min of your time to answer the survey we made about your experience with this year's festival.

Enough talking from our side, now it’s time to hear your opinion! 

Bonus: If you go to the end of the survey, you might have a chance to win one of this year's unique tote bags + the poster with Craig Ames' algea Lichina confinis. The winners will be contacted directly via email on August 15th 2023. 

Click here for the English survey // Dansk undersøgelse

Help us get better!

Photo: Skabertrang by Aftenskolen Fountain House at Den Sociale Blomsterhave, photo by Hans Vedsted. 

We are very curious to hear how your experience of this year’s Copenhagen Photo Festival was? What did you like? What would you like more of and how can the festival best meet your expectations in the future? 

As a festival that wants to evolve creatively and organically, meet our visitors in the best possible way and present new innovative exhibitions, emerging and established artists as well as present you with great events in a nice setting, we are always open to suggestions, constructive ideas and new partnerships. 

It only takes 5 minutes!

We therefore hope you will use 5 minutes of your time to fill out a short survey about your festival experience. You can also fill it out, if you did not attend. Either way you may have ideas, comments or suggestions for new paths or partnerships for the festival that could be interesting for us.

If you participate you get the chance to win two tickets for next year's festival. We will find the winner 15 August.

We look forward to hearing from you!  

Click here for the English survey

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