WOMANKIND - Call for women!

Image credit: Barbara Nolsøe

Do you want to celebrate your body and womanhood? Are you not afraid of cameras? Do you want to feel more confident in your body? We have a special experience in store for you – and we need you! 

For the Grand opening of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Barbara Nolsøe will “Rewild woman” by directing the last performance of WOMANKIND. For this project she will create a new group of volunteer women that agree to pose for her completely naked in a live performance in Refshaleøen, around the festival center.

The experience is way more than a photoshoot. The purpose of being naked is to allow women to really connect and embrace their bodies and to exist beyond the social norms and beauty standards. “If we connect we cannot compare” is the premise that frames the project and explores what happens to women’s self-image when they are naked together under the same premise. It’s time to take back the power! 

On June 1st, for the Grand opening of the festival, Barbara Nolsøe will realise her last WOMANKIND performance. 

Photographs will be taken during the performance and projected later in the evening on screen at the festival center. 

This is a call for women! If you want to participate in this special performance contact Barbara Nolsøe directly here for more info.