Are you our next FUTURES talent?

Image credit: FUTURES talent 2023, Jonas Tislevoll

Do you want to get challenged professionally and get international response to your practice? Do you need inspiration and want to meet peers from other countries? 

Now you have the opportunity to become part of the influential European photography platform FUTURES Photography that works to strengthen the path for new talents. As part of the platform Copenhagen Photo Festival is calling for talents from the Nordic countries. The five selected talents get unique opportunities to network internationally and develop their photographic career.⁠

The call is open from 1 November to 1 December – we look forward to seeing your project!

What is FUTURES Photography platform?

Copenhagen Photo Festival is part of FUTURES Photography Platform, which has existed since 2017 and is supported by the EU culture programme Creative Europe. We are more than 20 member institutions from all over Europe within the photographic field. Among the members are prominent institutions like PhotoIreland, Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Der Greif, Void and many others. CPF has been part of the platform since 2021.

How does the platform work?

Every year each member of the platform invites five new talents to become part of the platform. Right now more than 400 talents with various backgrounds and practices are part of the platform, but all with a relation to camera, photography or lens based art. The purpose of the platform is to strengthen lens based artists’ possibilities to get a career boost through a number of activities, e.g. promotion, individual portfolio reviews, network meetings and more.

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Tine Bek’s Playful Materiality

“My work is very organic. It almost flows. I hope my works give you a sensation of feeling like you are there. That you can almost touch the sculpture or smell the food.”

Inspired by Karen Blixen’s short story Karneval and the tactility and sensuality of materials like foam and butter, the art photographer Tine Bek both explores three dimensionality, plays with fine art distinctions of materiality as well as our notions of sensory experiences in her photography. 

Tine Bek was one of this year’s five exceptional FUTURES Nordic Talents who exhibited at the festival center, where she also shared her thoughts about her practice and process.

Bek recently published the photo book “The Vulgarity of Being Three Dimensional” at Disko Bay publishers and from 24 June you can enjoy Bek’s playful works at the “Summer Crush” exhibition which opens at @ardenasbækgallery in central Copenhagen.

🎥 Sonia Tomegros Regalado /@noia_de_mon