Overarching theme for the 2025 festival is out!

Installation view of works by Frederik Danielsen from the festival 2024. Image credit: Laura Wilhelm

We are very happy to announce that 10 July we open for submissions to become solo artists for the 2025 edition of Copenhagen Photo Festival. Deadline for applications is 8 September 2024.

For the 16th edition of Copenhagen Photo Festival we already have a lot of interesting and new initiatives in the pipeline, so it will for sure be a festival that sets new standards. But first things first! For now we unveil next year’s overarching theme, that we hope will inspire and intrigue lots of artists, photographers and collaborators. As something entirely new we have been inspired by a Danish word for the theme: 

‘Fremkaldelse / Into the Light’

The Danish word 'Fremkaldelse' is specifically connected to the photographic process. Namely, as the moment of truth, when the image comes to light – or literally is "called forth’ – on film or paper after having lain hidden in the camera's dark house. The development process fascinates because it balances skill and chemistry with chance and loss of control, so that something new and perhaps surprising appears.

To ‘fremkalde’ means to cause something to step out of the darkness and into the light - both figuratively and concretely. You shed light on what is not immediately visible. A process that requires selection and opt-out. But also patience and persistence. Qualities that are challenged in an age that celebrates quick fixes, 15 second stories and new beginnings.

In our time, the complexity of everyday life can feel like a blow to the stomach. We are confronted daily with war, conflict and climate challenges. But the intricacies of this contemporary complexity call to be brought into the light. To be seen, scrutinized patiently, shown and told about.

With the 2025 theme 'Fremkaldelser / Into the Light', we want to call out what was hidden in order to create understanding and insight. It could be uncovering hidden stories or agendas in our society or personal (self) insight. This year's theme is a call to sharpen your gaze, shed light on your own and others' blind spots or practice simply seeing.

There is also hope in the theme. Spreading light in a dark time. One can so easily feel paralysed when darkness threatens. Light and hope are therefore essential to deal with the many challenges around us.

We look forward to step into the light with you!

Deadline for submissions is 8 September 2024. 

👉🏼 Read more about the open call and how to submit your work here 👈🏼