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Charlotte Lakits

Tell Me About Home

| Det Franske Institut Studiestræde 5
København, 1455 Danmark

7. June 2019 - 1. October 2019

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I arrived in Nuuk on a Tuesday. Cold wind was blowing as I walked down the empty midday streets. Dissolved distances in a foggy summer day. But through the fog, I could see them. Everywhere. The mountains. The ocean. As limits. Nature as a border that won’t let you go. Greenland’s arctic climate and landscapes simply make road connections between towns impossible. Northernmost capital on the world’s biggest island, Nuuk is geographically isolated. But as Greenland’s most important cultural, political and economical Center, as a metropolis in the Arctic, the city is, in many other ways, well connected to the world. Also, far from being deserted, Nuuk is getting bigger and bigger. In 1978, there were 8.527 inhabitants in Nuuk. 40 years later, Nuuk’s population counts up to almost 18.000 inhabitants. A lot of people came from small towns and removed areas and Nuuk is now home to a third of Greenland’s population. 80 % of Nuuk’s inhabitants are Greenlandic. 14,5 % are Danish. As I had no idea who the others might be, I started to investigate. Here are some short stories about people I met. New and old inhabitants. People from Greenland. People from all around the world. People living in Nuuk. Nuuk’s inhabitants.

Vernissage with artist talk and DJ:
June 7, 16.00-18.30

Opening hours in the period:
Monday – Thursday, 9.00-17.00
Friday, 9.00-16.00