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Carsten Brandt Carsten Brandt Carsten Brandt

Street photography

| Phototek Esbjerg Nørregade 19
Esbjerg, 6700 Danmark

24. April 2019 - 19. July 2019

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Street photography is an exhibition by three contemporary Danish photographers offering each their view of reality. Each of them relates to earlier photographers and historical traditions within the art history of street photography. The most fascinating aspect of the exhibition might be its presentation of three different versions of the reality, which most of us take for granted. This should make the visitor consider the role of the photography as documentation.

Carsten Brandt has gone back to the birth of street photography in Manhattan’s criss-cross of (almost) endless streets.  He has visited the sanctified places of street photography where the now historic photos were taken, where the photographers lived and met. This view of reality has followed him ever since – all over the world. On the one hand a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the great masters, on the other hand an investigation into how their photographs might have looked, had they been taken today.  

Ole Christiansen‘s photographs are all from a small area around the Stork Fountain in the main pedestrian street of Copenhagen (Strøget). The black and white prints create a graphic world, which unites separated elements in new constellations in a surrealistic universe. The photos were taken over a short period of time during which a building site in the area was enclosed with a fence which was covered with posters making it look like a theater curtain. The photos thereby increase your sense of the street as a stage, and that we are all actors in a play when we move around in the public space.

Jón Bjarni Hjartarson has since 1999 been attracted by the street and Street Photography. During the past five years he has intensively photographed his neighborhood in Copenhagen and the people who live there. Hjartarson is particularly fascinated by the spontaneously arisen moments in the street, and he often uses his camera as a means to get in contact with other people. Hjartarson’s photographic art circles considerably around the people living at the edge of society, but he also depicts commonplace details belonging to the street. His photos can therefore be seen as subjective fragments, each of them being a poetic narrative – narratives placed at the crossroad between fantasy and reality.
The fascination of the photographic craft urged Jón Bjarni Hjartarson to establish his own dark room in 2018, and his work method is now analogue throughout. All the photos at this exhibition have therefore been produced without any use of digital processes.

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 10-20, Fri-Sun 10-18