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Mathias Løvgreen

Performances in KOMA RETREAT

6. June 2019 19:00 - 22:00

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Us humans disappear more and more into a digital world but the body as a machine goes on at its own pace. With the performances in KOMA RETREAT, the audience can see dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet in a meditative exploration of the room and each other. They will invite the audience to stop and let their pace go down a notch, in the middle of KOMA RETREATs hyper-digital universe.
The audience can experience Eukene Sagüés, Samuel Scott Rees and Tobias Praetorius, all dancers with The Royal Danish Ballet.
The performances can be experienced:
6th June, 18-21: Performance at the opening of CPF. Reffen, Refshaleøen.
7th June, 15-17; 8th June, 13-15; 9th June, 13-15; 15th June, 13-15: Performance at Maskinværkstedet, Refshaleøen.