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Mathias Løvgreen


6. June - 16. June

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Do we evolve or conduct ourself as humans in the meeting with the digital? Is it still possible for us to retreat from the everyday stress of the city?

Mathias Løvgreen (b. 1991), Danish videographer and photographer, directs his focus to politics, trends and obscure elements of everyday life. He uses his curiosity and knowledge gathered from psychology, science and art history to work expository with his work.

In ancient times, scholars and artists from China moved to rural areas and mountains to escape from the hasty life of the city. A sort of retreat. They wanted to be uninfluenced by evolving movements in politics and technology to become the purest form of humans possible. “ – Mathias Løvgreen.

KOMA RETREAT is made with choreographer Sebastian Kloborg, and it is a piece that explores the human’s constant searching for identity, and how this search is impacted by digital technologies in our ordinary lives and our brains and bodies reactions to these digital technologies.


We humans disappear more and more into a digital world but the body as a machine goes on at its own pace. With the performances in KOMA RETREAT, the audience can see dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet in a meditative exploration of the room and each other. They will invite the audience to stop and let their pace go down a notch, in the middle of KOMA RETREATs hyper-digital universe.
The audience can experience Eukene Sagüés, Samuel Scott Rees and Tobias Praetorius, all dancers with The Royal Danish Ballet.
The performances can be experienced:
6th June, 18-21: Performance at the opening of CPF. Reffen, Refshaleøen.
7th June, 15-17; 8th June, 13-15; 9th June, 13-15; 15th June, 13-15: Performance at Maskinværkstedet, Refshaleøen.
The exhibition is kindly supported by:
Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond
Augustinus Fonden