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Garrett O. Hansen


6. June - 16. June

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What is a weapon? Can you create something new out of something that takes lives? Can you use aesthetics as an antidote to the gruesome in society?

HAIL is the attempt of American Garrett O. Hansen (b. 1979) at making us aware of the American weapons culture and its related debate on weapons.

“Roughly 40% of US households have a gun and there are enough guns – approximately 300 million – to arm nearly every man, woman, and child in the country. At the core of The Void series is a desire to consider these facts and to create a set of images that speaks to their implications” – Garrett O. Hansen.

The project consists of three parts: The Void, Silhouette and Collected bullets from gun ranges. Here, Hansen expands bullet holes and processes them in the darkroom. He collects cardboard backings from local gun ranges and used bullets which, in the meeting with a ballistics steel wall have taken on a new, dramatic shape. Hereby, Hansens writes himself into an artistic practice, where he tries to balance out an otherwise destructive act with a new and creationistic art.