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Art Walk, Inner Nørrebro

| Indre Nørrebro København,

8. June 2019 14:00 - 16:30

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What happens when fine art photography is placed in galleries in Copenhagen’s multiculturalist district, Nørrebro?

Join Copenhagen Photo Festival on a guided art walk, where we together visit the photo exhibitions to learn more about the thoughts behind the works, and to see what happens when fine art photography is placed in a vibrant district such as inner Nørrebro.

On this tour, we visit:

NW Gallery [meeting point at 13.00] and the exhibitions The Nature Within by María Kristín H. Antonsdóttir (IS) and Lene Harbo Pedersen (DK) as well as the exhibition Interior Landscape by Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO). We arrive exclusively the day before the official opening.

Kvit Galleri and the exhibition Vague by Olivia Rohde (DK).

Lokale and the exhibition Things, Places, Bodies by Louisa Clement (DE), Heikki Kaski (FI), Cecilie Nicoline Rasmussen (DK), Myne Søe Pedersen (DK), Erik Viklund (SE), Søren Lilholt (DK) and Kirstine Autzen (DK).

Harbo Bar and the exhibition Roots around Gerry Johansson by Gerry Johansson (SE).

Photo: Lisa Vinther