Worlds connected – interview with solo artist Chloé Milos Azzopardi in Aesthetica

The opening of this year's festival is rapidly approaching and we look forward to exhibit the work by Paris-
based photographer Chloé Milos Azzopardi with her latest project, Non Technological Devices. Get ready for the show by learning more about the artist in this exclusive article published by our partners at Aesthetica Magazine. Here, Azzopardi speaks about her ecologically engaged practice and sci-fi inspirations. Plus, you can take look at dreamlike images from her back catalogue.

Image Credit: Chloé Milos Azzopardi, 2022

Chloé Milos Azzopardi (b. 1994) caught the art world’s attention with Les formes qu’ils habitent en temps de crise (2022), a “futuristic fable” about how we can reconnect with the natural world post-Capitalocene. Here, Azzopardi riffed on a concept that entered the vernacular in 2016 after historian Jason W. Moore’s Anthropocene or Capitalocene? Nature, History, and the Crisis of Capitalism – a book which argues that the Earth entered a new era – the Capitalocene – in the 19th  century. According to Moore, contemporary crises are, all too often, rooted in “The Age of Capital.” Azzopardi’s photographic series imagined new interspecies relationships flourishing in an idyllic world: butterflies balancing on fingertips and nude figures emerging from the undergrowth. The power of nature was front and centre, with lightning strikes over horizon lines and a colour palette awash with deep greens and dreamy mauves.

From Copenhagen to Arles

Now, Azzopardi is touring a new project: Non-Technological Devices. The next stop is Copenhagen Photo Festival, and it’s a great fit for her ecologically-engaged practice. This year’s theme is Entanglement, highlighting artists who are making work that reflects how human beings, their environments and their actions are “co-dependently connected.”

Enter Azzopardi’s series of black-and-white images, showing low-tech sculptures made from natural materials. It has seen huge success over the past 12 months, travelling from Bristol to Melbourne, and, in July, it will land at Rencontres d’Arles, France’s iconic photography festival. In one shot, a wooden exoskeleton is layered over a hand. In another, an ice block takes the place of a virtual
reality headset. The idea: to make us think about the future of technology in a world stripped of resources – an idea that looms over us all as we continue to navigate the climate crisis.

Read the full article and interview with the artist here.

Introducing FRAMES Magazine: on paper and podcast

A passion for photography on paper, engaging people in photography and in depth podcasts about photography – what's not to like? We are very excited to introduce a new, cool media partner for this year's festival as we are teaming up with the breathtaking Swiss FRAMES Magazine, who have just released a podcast on their platform with our festival director Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen.

FRAMES magazine was established during Covid-19 and already a few years on the magazine has a large and growing international following. The magazine share our passion for encouraging creativity, analogue photography and a keen interest in engaging a community around photography which made it a natural next step to collaborate – and all our festival guests and followers benefit too from this match.

Click on play to listen to the FRAMES podcast with festival director Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen 

Photography belongs on paper

The engaged team behind FRAMES Magazine strongly believe that excellent photography belongs on paper. As a modern photography magazine in a digital world, their goal is to bring compelling photographs, and the stories behind them, to the hands of professionals and admirers alike.  "Four times a year, FRAMES gives photographers of all genres and mediums a place for their art to be seen and voices to be heard. We believe in providing a community that inspires people to pick up a camera and let their creativity run wild," says chief editor Tomasz Trzebiatowski.

"Each quarterly edition of FRAMES contains 112 pages printed on the highest quality 140g uncoated paper. Our subscribers receive the magazine delivered straight to their doorstep. We feature both established and emerging photographers of different genres. We pay very close attention to new, visually striking, thought-provoking imagery, while respecting the long-lasting tradition of photography in its purest incarnation. FRAMES features work of both established and emerging photographers of different genres and mediums."

Discounts for festival guests and followers

Our partnership with FRAMES magasin is also benefitting the Copenhagen Photo Festival's guests and followers as you can delve into the contents of the physical magazine at our CPF Photo Book both at the Photo Book Market 8 and 9 June. As a one off chance all new subscribers get a 15% discount when signing up at the photo book market.

FRAMES' subscribers automatically gain full access to monthly issues of FRAMES Digital Companions and FRAMES Photography Circle membership platform, including online LIVE events with their photographer guests.

Sign up to the physical magazine using the discount code CPF15 for 15% off. 

Creating community and deepening the knowledge around photography with podcasts

Another good reason to follow the FRAMES Magazine endavours, is the FRAMES podcast series with interviews with notable artists, photographers and people within the industry. We highly recommend the latest podcast where host W. Scott Olsen interviews our festival director, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, about the history and particular curatorial quality of the Copenhagen Photo Festival as well as her thoughts about the future of the festival.

GRAND OPENING · Come celebrate with us!

Come celebrate photography and the opening of our 15 year anniversary edition of Copenhagen Photo Festival with DJs and free beers for the first 150 guests, kindly provided by Nørrebrew.

Thursday 6 June, 17-23 at our Festival Center · Refshalevej 173c

Exhibitions opening at the festival center

Chloé Azzopardi · Emanuele Occhipinti Mafalda Rakoš · Marcus DeSieno · 2024 CPF Selectees · 2024 Nordic FUTURES Talents · DMJX – Danish School of Photo Journalism · KBH Film&Fotoskole · Oslo Fotokunstskole Oslo Met · Vera Skole for Kunst & Design

DJ Lineup for the Grand Opening

17.00-20.00 · Henrique de Sousa
20:30-23:30 · Atusa & Angel

In the spirit of our passion for lens based media and the festival’s history, we will be honouring all our past and present partners, collaborators, artists, and contributors. At the festival center we are featuring fifteen selected artists, four of whom will be showcasing their work in solo exhibitions embodying the theme of this year: Entanglement.

We look forward to seeing you for a celebration at the festival center on Refshaleøen as well as at all of our amazing partnering exhibitors around Copenhagen during the festival and we encourage you to explore the amazing program of more than 50 exhibitions and hope to see you at one of the many amazing events.

Image credits: Header photo: Rebecca Buonostro | Invitation/signature image · Chloé Milos Azzopardi · Non Technological Devices, 2023 | Video from 2023 festival: Sonia Tomegros

Photo Print Market at Absalon 13 April

Image credit: Laura WIlhelm

Copenhagen Photo Festival and Absalon at Vesterbro are teaming up again to celebrate photography with a photo market in Absalon’s beautiful surroundings on Sønder Boulevard in Vesterbro on 13 April  and we look forward to welcoming everyone with an eye for contemporary photography and art looking to get new art for their walls or collections.

The hall in Absalon will be filled with stalls with art and documentary photography by both established and emerging photographers, and there will be ample opportunity to meet the photographers and have a chat about the works and the stories behind them.

“We want to celebrate what already exists and encourage, in the name of sustainability, to breathe life into all the beautiful photo prints that are in the drawers and deserve to be shown,” says Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, Festival Director. "We have had a lot of applicants for this photo market and look forward to presenting a diverse range of photography – from documentary works to stil lifes!"

What · when · where · who?

The photo print market takes place 13 April from 10 am to 3 pm at Absalon on Sønderboulevard in Vesterbro.

The exhibiting photographers are 

Adrian Molina · Andreas Holmby Hansen · Anne-Mette Kelter · Carl Svendsen · Christian Askjær · Christina Birch · Georg Doumani · Juan José Palma-Alvarez · Lars Hylleberg · Lennart Schou · Mario Scharff · Mette Ovgaard · Monika Dubinkaite ·  Nadiia Tarasevych · Nina Larsen · Patricio Orlando · Sandra Segovia · Signe Elisabeth Sloth · Sille J. H. Petersen · Solenne Hyllemose · Tanja Carstens Lund · Thom Geraeds · Uffe Raupach

Fotos: Laura Wilhelm, Christine Almlund

Workshops in analogue photo techniques

Photo credit: Henrik Wichmann – Wet plate photography

At the festival center we invite you to test and develop your photographic skills with a number of workshops that celebrate photography and old school photo techniques – from cyanotypes to wet plate and polaroid transfer. ⁠The workshops are open for all and you can book your seat directly online.

From cyanotypes to polaroids

Learn how to do beautiful cyanotypes, an old analogue photographic technique. In this 3-hour course, you will be introduced to all stages of the technique and have the opportunity to try it out with simple tools. ⁠The workshop will be conducted by Barbara Katzin and Charlotte Siewartz from Fotografi på Godsbanen in Aarhus and takes place 15 and 16 June.

We also host a workshop exploring the practice of polaroid transfer in which a short introduction to Polaroid’s techniques are included, after which the participants themselves try the technique and its possibilities.⁠ The workshop is organised by Sille Juline Høghly Petersen, paper conservator and artist herself. The workshop takes place in the tipi tents at the festival center 16 June.

The magic of wet plate photography

On 15 and 16 June you have a rare chance to get an introduction to wet plate photography! Explore the roots of photography and delve into the magic of the 19th century technique of wet plate photography with the professional photographer Henrik Wichmann.⁠ By the end of the workshop you get your own print home with you.

Be quick to sign up – limited seats

To participate in the festival center workshops you can book directly via our ticket host, Billetto. The price for each workshop includes materials used in the process and entrance to the festival center for the day.

Read more and book your ticket for a workshops at the Festival Center here:

15 June

11.30-14.30 ‘Polaroids Transfer’ by Sille Juline Høgly Petersen

11.30-14.30 ‘Cyanotypes’ by Photography at Godsbanen

11.00-16.00 ‘Wet Plate photography’ by Henrik Wichmann

16 June

11.30-14.30 ‘Polaroids Transfer’ by Sille Juline Høgly Petersen

11.30-14.30 ‘Cyanotypes’ by Photography at Godsbanen

11.00-16.00 ‘Wet Plate Photography' by Henrik Wichmann


Polaroid Transfer workshop at 2022 festival – on a rainy day. Video: Sonia Tomegeros

Pust nyt liv i dine fotoprint: Fotomarked i Absalon

Image credit: Laura WIlhelm

English below 👇

Er du fotograf, kunstner eller engageret samler med forkærlighed for fotografi? Og har du en masse fine fotografier i gemmerne, som fortjener at få et nyt liv? Så kan du puste nyt liv i dine fotoprints, når Copenhagen Photo Festival og Absalon gentager succesen fra november og afholder fotomarked i Absalons skønne rammer på Sønder Boulevard på Vesterbro igen den 13. april. Frem til 1. april kan du søge om at få en bod til at sælge dine fotografiske print.

I april fylder vi atter salen i Absalon med boder med alt fra ‘fundne fotografier’ til kunst- og dokumentarfotografi af både etablerede og spirende fotografer, og der vil være rig lejlighed til at møde fotograferne og få en snak om værkerne og historierne bag.  

Pust nyt liv i dine fotoprint

“Vi ønsker at være med til at fejre det, der findes allerede og opfordrer til i bæredygtighedens navn at puste liv i alle de skønne fotoprint, der ligger i skufferne og fortjener at blive vist frem,” siger festivaldirektør, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. 

Så er du dokumentar- eller kunstfotograf med fotoprints i gemmerne, eller samler du på fx ‘fundne fotografier’ og har du lyst til at sælge ud af fundene, kan du frem til 1. april  søge om at få en af de ca. 22 boder, som får plads på markedet.

Sådan ansøger du

Du skal blot udfylde nedenstående tilmeldingslink, hvis du ønsker at deltage med en stand på fotomarkedet i Absalon Folkehus den 13. april. Vi udvælger 22-24 deltagere blandt alle indsendte forslag. De udvalgte får direkte besked senest efter fristens udløb.. 

Sidste chance for at tilmelde sig er 👉🏼1. april 2024 ved at klikke her 👈🏼

Boden består af et bord som måler 220x85cm og stole. Vi opfordrer til, at man medbringer dug og standere af forskellig art til at udstille værkerne på og foran bordet for at skabe en indbydende stand. Medbring gerne værker i forskellige prisklasser.

Opsætning er mulig fra kl. 8:00 og senest ankomst kl. 9:00.

Åbningstiden er 10 til 15. Der er nedpakning mellem 15 og 16.

NB! Prisen for en bod er 400 kr. og skal betales umiddelbart efter, man har fået svar på ansøgningen. Beløbet kan ikke refunderes.

Hvis du har nogle spørgsmål, må du endelig sende os en mail på


Fotos: Laura Wilhelm, Christine Almlund


Are you a photographer, artist or maybe a dedicated collector with a fondness for found photography? And do you have a lot of nice photographs in storage that deserve a new life? Copenhagen Photo Festival and Absalon at Vesterbro are teaming up again to celebrate photography with a photo market in Absalon’s beautiful house on Sønder Boulevard in Vesterbro on 13 April  and now you can apply for a stall with your photographic prints.

The hall in Absalon will be filled with stalls with everything from ‘found photographs’ to art and documentary photography by both established and emerging photographers, and there will be ample opportunity to meet the photographers and have a chat about the works and the stories behind them.

Bring new life to your photo prints

“We want to celebrate what already exists and encourage, in the name of sustainability, to breathe life into all the beautiful photo prints that are in the drawers and deserve to be shown,” says Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, Festival Director.

So if you are a documentary or art photographer with photo prints itching to find a new home, or if you collect e.g. ‘found photographs’ and if you would like to sell some of your gems, you can apply before 1 April for one of the approx. 22 stalls.

How to apply

You just have to fill in the registration link below if you want to participate with a stand at the photo market in Absalon Folkehus 13 April. We select 22-24 participants from all submitted proposals. Those selected will be notified directly after the deadline.

The last chance to register is April 1 via this link (the form is in Danish)

The stall consists of a table measuring 220x85cm and chairs. We encourage you to bring tablecloths and stands of different art to display the works on and in front of the table to create an inviting stand. We recommend to bring works in different price ranges.

Setup is possible from 8 am and the latest arrival at 9 am.

Opening hours are 10 am to 3 pm. After the market closes, you have to deinstall before 4 pm.

NB: The price for a booth is DKK 400 and must be paid immediately after you have received a response to the application. The amount cannot be refunded.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

Tag med til FESTIVAL KICKSTART 2024!

Talk med Yana Wernicke under årets fotobogmarked på GL STRAND. Foto: Hans Vedsted

Lægger du eller din institution hus til en interessant fotoudstilling i juni 2024? Eller er du i gang med at koordinere en undergrundsudstilling i et af byens uafhængige udstillingssteder? Eller måske planlægger du en fotobogslancering, fotoperformance eller en artist talk med en anerkendt fotograf eller kamerabaseret kunstner?

Hvis det er tilfældet, kan du nu blive klogere på, hvad det vil sige, at være udstillings- eller eventpartner under Copenhagen Photo Festival, når vi inviterer til


den 17. januar kl. 17-18.30.

i Villa Kultur på Krausesvej 3 på Østerbro

Her kan du høre mere om vores tanker for 2024, hvor vi fejrer 15 års jubilæum, og selv bringe gode ideer på banen. Vi ønsker nemlig at skabe en endnu stærkere sammenhængskraft på tværs af festivalens partnere. I løbet af mødet vender vi både publikumsbesøg, aktiviteter og nye initiativer såvel som markedsføringstiltag. Der bliver rig mulighed for at lufte ideer, forventninger og spørgsmål (se program nedenfor). 

I 2024 var der 44.000 besøgende på tværs af Copenhagen Photo Festivals +70 forskellige udstillings-, event-, og fotobogspartnere samt et imponerende udstillings-, talk- og eventprogram. Vi ser allerede nu frem til Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024 den 6.-16. juni og håber, at I vil være med til at fejre fotografiet sammen med os til den tid!

 Vi har en masse spændende ting i støbeskeen og vil blandt andet folde årets tema – ‘‘Entanglement’ – ud.

SU – Klik her for at tilmelde dig FESTIVAL KICKSTART 2024

Læs mere om at være festivalpartner her:


Bridges are Beautiful: Mød kunstneren bag!

Image credit: Marina Caneve

English text below 👇 

Kom og vær med, når Copenhagen Photo Festival, Fotografisk Center og Det Italienske Kulturinstitut sammen er værter for en aften i selskab med den internationalt anerkendte italienske kunstner Marina Caneve, der besøger Danmark i forbindelse med en researchtur omkring sit nuværende projekt “Bridges are Beautiful”. 

I samtale med festivaldirektør for Copenhagen Photo Festival, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, udfolder Caneve tankerne bag projektet "Bridges are Beautiful". Samtalen giver et indblik i den unge kvindelige kunstners modige og allerede omfattende kunstneriske praksis, der i det aktuelle projekt afsøger gråzonerne i vores naturbeskyttelse og økosystemer. Hun fortæller, hvordan projektet har relation til dansk naturbeskyttelse og biodiversitet, og sammen vil de to berøre den bredere diskussion af grænsedragninger, territorier og frihed og lægge op til en dialog med publikum.


Projektet ‘Bridges are Beautiful' undersøger med afsæt i naturbeskyttelsesloven Natura 2000, de steder i Europa, der har til formål at opretholde naturen og forbedre biodiversiteten. Biodiversiteten er i stigende grad truet af menneskeskabte infrastrukturer, der har en direkte indvirkning på økosystemerne. Naturbeskyttelsesloven blev vedtaget i 2014 med et krav om, at der skulle bygges broer rundt om i Europa for at fremme biodiversiteten.  Marina Caneve har sat sig for at fotografere de mere end hundrede broer i Europa, der er opført for at dyrene skal kunne bevæge sig frit. For spørgsmålet er, hvor frie dyrene egentlig er? Overvågning af dyrene sker i større grad end nogensinde før for at følge naturens tilstand og dokumentere, om tiltagene virker. Med sit projekt spørger Caneve, hvorvidt vores dyr lever frit eller om de konstant er under overvågning og i fangenskab. 


Marina Caneve (f. 1988), er en italiensk kunstner og fotograf uddannet fra Royal Academy of Arts i Haag (NL). Hun arbejder med miljømæssige, sociale og kulturelle forandringer gennem en forskningsbaseret og tværfaglig tilgang. I sine projekter ønsker hun at konfrontere vores uvidenhed om teknologiens indvirkning på vores miljø. I de seneste år har Caneve deltaget i forskningsprojekter, heriblandt forskningen om frihed og bevægelse blandt dyr i Europa. Caneves værker er en fast del af de italienske samlinger på MAXXI, MUFOCOo, ICCD, National Mountain Museum, Collezione Farnesina og i private samlinger.


Kl. 17.00 Dørene åbnes, og der serveres et glas vin sponsoreret af Det Italienske Kulturinstitut.

Kl. 17.30 – 18.30 Samtale mellem kunstner Marina Caneve og direktør for Copenhagen Photo Festival, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. Efter samtalen kan publikum stille spørgsmål.

Samtalen foregår på engelsk.


Talken er gratis efter entréprisen er betalt:

- Voksne: 40 kr.

- Studerende / pensionister: 20 kr.

- Medlemmer: Gratis

Arrangementet finder sted på Fotografisk Center, Staldgade 16, 1699 København

Læs mere om Marina Caneve her:



Bridges are beautiful: Talk with Festival Director Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen and the Italian artist Marina Caneve. 

Come and join us, when Copenhagen Photo Festival, Fotografisk Center, and the Italian Cultural Institute host an evening with the internationally accomplished Italian artist Marina Caneve, who is visiting Denmark as part of her research trip for her current project, Bridges are Beautiful. The project, promoted by FMAV Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, Italy, is supported by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture under the Italian Council program (2023).

In conversation with the festival director of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, Caneve unfolds the thoughts behind the project Bridges are Beautiful. The talk is also about the young female artist’s courageous and already extensive practice, which currently explores the grey areas in our nature conservation and ecosystems. During the talk Caneve will talk about how the project relates to Danish nature conservation and biodiversity, and together they will touch on the broader discussion of boundaries, territories, and freedom, leading to a dialogue with the audience.


The project Bridges are Beautiful is based on the Natura 2000 nature protection law, which aims to maintain nature and improve biodiversity. Biodiversity is increasingly threatened by human-made infrastructures that have a direct impact on the ecosystems. The nature protection law was passed in 2014 with a requirement to build bridges across Europe to gain biodiversity. 

Marina Caneve wants to photograph the more than hundred bridges in Europe that were built in relation so animals could move freely. The question is, how free the animals truly  are? Animal surveillance is happening more than ever to monitor the processes of nature and document whether initiatives are effective. 


Marina Caneve (b. 1988) is an Italian artist and photographer from the Royal Academy of Arts in Haag (NL). She’s exploring major environmental, social and cultural changes through a research based and multidisciplinary approach confronting our naive thoughts about the impact of technology on our environment. In recent years, Caneve has participated in research projects, including research on freedom and movement among animals in Europe. Caneve’s work can be found in the collections of institutions such as MAXXI, MUFOCO, ICCD, National Mountain Museum, Collezione Farnesina as well as private ones. Her work was shown in institutions such as MAXXI (Rome), La Triennale di Milano, Fotohof (Salzburg), Palazzo Reale (Milano), Institut Néerlandais (Paris).


5:00 PM Doors open, and the Italian Cultural Institute serves a glass of wine. 

5.30 - 6.30 PM Talk with artist Marina Caneve and festival director of Copenhagen Photo Festival Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. 

The talk will be in English. 


The talk is free after the entrance fee has been paid: 

  • Adults: 40 DKK 
  • Students / pensioners: 20 DKK 
  • Members: Free

The event takes place at Fotografisk Center, Staldgade 16, 1699 Copenhagen

Read more about Marina Caneve here:



The early bird discounts have landed!

Image credit: © MelKastner

Collect your ticket for the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024 with an early bird discount now! Or better yet, get you hands on a limited edition swag bag ticket package before they sell out.

The early bird sale has just opened! The single partout tickets giving you acces to all days of the festival center ar now available for the bargain price of DKK 100 (normal price is DKK 130).

In addition to this,  you can also get your hands on one of our limited edition unique upcycled festival swag bags as a complimentary add on when you buy an early bird ticket. The price for the Limited Edition Package is just DKK 175 (normal price for ticket+ bag is DKK 329). But be quick, we only have a very limited batch of these – and the sale will only be open for a limited period!

The festival swag bag is handmade, and not two bags are exactly the same. They are created out of the festival banners that decorated our venue FRAME for previous editions by the socio economic initiative I Tråd Med Verden. You pick up your unique swag bag at the entrance of the festival center at Refshaleøen between from 6 to 16 June 2024.

Check out the early bird discounts

Are you our next FUTURES talent?

Image credit: FUTURES talent 2023, Jonas Tislevoll

Do you want to get challenged professionally and get international response to your practice? Do you need inspiration and want to meet peers from other countries? 

Now you have the opportunity to become part of the influential European photography platform FUTURES Photography that works to strengthen the path for new talents. As part of the platform Copenhagen Photo Festival is calling for talents from the Nordic countries. The five selected talents get unique opportunities to network internationally and develop their photographic career.⁠

The call is open from 1 November to 1 December – we look forward to seeing your project!

What is FUTURES Photography platform?

Copenhagen Photo Festival is part of FUTURES Photography Platform, which has existed since 2017 and is supported by the EU culture programme Creative Europe. We are more than 20 member institutions from all over Europe within the photographic field. Among the members are prominent institutions like PhotoIreland, Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Der Greif, Void and many others. CPF has been part of the platform since 2021.

How does the platform work?

Every year each member of the platform invites five new talents to become part of the platform. Right now more than 400 talents with various backgrounds and practices are part of the platform, but all with a relation to camera, photography or lens based art. The purpose of the platform is to strengthen lens based artists’ possibilities to get a career boost through a number of activities, e.g. promotion, individual portfolio reviews, network meetings and more.

Learn more about FUTURES Photography

Learn more about the criteria for applying and fill out the application form