Cool, calm, and with a hint of craziness

What is the temperature of young Nordic photography right now? Dive into the FUTURES Nordic Talents 2024 exhibition at the festival center and find out. Barbara Marstrand, Frederik Danielsen, Jenni Toivonen, Mathias Eis, and Emma Sarpaniemi are this year’s FUTURES Talents selected by CPF and they represent the scope of current young fine art and documentary photography in the Nordic region. 

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Each has a distinct Nordic coolness – with hints of color, craziness, messy teenage rooms, old superstitions, and particular cultures within other cultures. Quite a range of themes are explored within these five projects. Therefore we are super proud to announce that thanks to the generous support of Nordic Culture Point the festival guests now have the chance to experience five different FUTURES exhibitions at the festival center from 6 to 16 June. 

There is something to look forward to because, despite their young age and appointment as talents, they are already accomplished photographers with international exhibitions and published photo books on their CVs. The five FUTURES exhibitions can be explore across the festival exhibition park and buildings.

Join the guided tour with all FUTURES talents Friday 7 June – read more

Barbara Marstrand

Barbara Marstrand – Still Life of Teenagers, 2023 Denmark

Barbara Marstrand’s "Still Life of Teenagers" explores Danish youth culture through photographs of teenage bedrooms, capturing everyday life and personal stories. Published in 2023 by Disko Bay, the series blends Marstrand's artistic and sociological insights.

"Marstrand (b. 1994), based in Copenhagen, offers a unique look at Danish youth by combining her artistic practice with sociological methods." – The Programme Committee

Read more about the exhibition here.


Emma Sarpaniemi

Emma Sarpaniemi Two Ways to Carry a Cauliflower, 2021 – ongoing, Finland

Emma Sarpaniemi’s "Two Ways to Carry a Cauliflower" is a performative photography series that explores women’s self-portraiture through playful, tender depictions. Using flea market finds, Sarpaniemi creates scenes that challenge traditional femininity.

"Sarpaniemi (b. 1993), based in Helsinki, explores identity with satirical and intimate self-portraits, challenging gender roles." – The Programme Committee

Frederik Danielsen

Read more about the exhibition here.

Frederik Danielsen Brandtræer på Als, 2020 Denmark

Frederik Danielsen’s "Brandtræer på Als" investigates myths and rituals surrounding trees on Als Island. Combining photography and archival materials, the project reflects on past and present, emphasizing the importance of respecting nature.

"Danielsen (b. 1995) evokes curiosity about local myths using documentary photography and conceptual art." – The Programme Committee

Read more about the exhibition here.

Jenni Toivonen

Jenni Toivonen Are We There 2021, Finland & Brazil

Jenni Toivonen’s "Are We There" examines migration, memory, and utopia through a performative journey to her ancestors’ utopian community in Brazil. The project blends personal history with archival materials to explore origins and belonging.

"Toivonen (b. 1993) combines family history with archival material, reflecting on migration and memory. She holds an MA in Arts and Photography from Aalto University." – The Programme Committee

Read more about the exhibition here.

Mathias Eis

Mathias Eis Are We Nearly There Yet? 2020 – ongoing, Denmark

Mathias Eis’s "Are We Nearly There Yet?" explores life at Denmark's 148 highway rest stops. Through his photography, Eis captures the unique, often overlooked, transient moments at these locations.

"Eis (b. 1995) sheds light on life at highway rest stops with a keen eye for detail, holding a BA in photojournalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism." – The Programme Committee 

Read more about the exhibition here.  

Capturing Young Perspectives: Student Exhibitions at Copenhagen Photo Festival

What tickles the future generation of photographers? At this year's festival we are very happy to present works from a host of student photographers from some of the finest schools of photography in the Nordics. In collaboration with five Nordic camera based schools Copenhagen Photo Festival showcases student work through a series of distinctive exhibitions from 6 to 16 June at the festival center at Refshaleøen. 

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DMJX, Danish School of Media and Journalism – Group Exhibition – Paradox

12 photojournalism students from the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) are showcasing documentary stories that explore the theme of paradox in Denmark and around the world. Eight of these students are in the 4th semester of their Danish BA education, while four are international students from Egypt, Sudan, Australia, and Turkey, presenting their final projects. All the stories were produced during the students' studies at DMJX in the spring of 2024.

Read more about it here.

Vera School for Art & Design – Group Exhibition – Entanglement: A Vera School Perspective

VERA School for Art & Design presents its exhibition at the Copenhagen Photo Festival, featuring the diverse works of 11 students under the theme “Entanglement.” Reflecting the school's emphasis on photography as an art form, the exhibition includes experimental, conceptual, and traditional approaches. The projects explore entanglement through books, prints, and photographic objects.

Selected students offer unique interpretations, resulting in a captivating mix of perspectives. This exhibition, a culmination of months of research and experimentation, highlights the intricacies of connection and interweaving. A physical catalog will also be available, showcasing the works on display.

Read more about it here.

OsloMet – Group Exhibition – It’s in our nature

“It’s in our nature” is the graduation exhibition for 11 OsloMet photographic journalism bachelor program students. This spring, the students participated in a six-week workshop in Nepal, led by Canon Ambassador Laura El-Tantawy, in collaboration with OsloMet, Pathsala South Asia Media Institute in Bangladesh, and photo circle in Nepal. Additionally, three students traveled to Sweden, Japan, and the US for their projects. The themes explored include women’s rights in education and the workforce, elderly care, agriculture, Himalayan adventures, earthquake aftermaths, and LGBTQ+ rights. The students will develop individual projects for their final exam, create a book, and curate this exhibition.

Read more about it here.

Oslo Photography Art School – Group Exhibition – Glowing Silence

Oslo Fotokunstskole presents "Glowing Silence," an exhibition featuring student work inspired by light and its dual role in photography. The pieces showcase various styles and levels open to interpretation and quiet reflection.

Marte Bjerkmo, one of the students, describes her work: "I have taken a picture of two people that is overexposed, almost glowing. I wanted to depict their existence or non-existence while removing what could identify them, including gender and orientation. Without typical portrait details, it's hard to understand who they are or make prejudices. Gender is irrelevant, but you still try to solve the 'riddle' of their identity. The project was influenced by the AIDS epidemic in the 20th century that killed so many queer people. The glowing figures convey mystery and uncertainty, portraying lives that were never lived."

Oslo Fotokunstskole focuses on photography and film education, with around 100 students taught by professional artists. The exhibition, curated by the school's teachers and head, will be displayed in containers at the Copenhagen Photo Festival.

Read more about it here.

Copenhagen Film and Photography School –  Book Exhibition

The photo book has become a major photographic expression in recent years. At this exhibition, KBH Film and Fotoskole showcases a selection of student-made books, ranging from personal to documentary content.

Each year, second-semester students participate in a six-week program on photography, sequencing, design, and bookbinding, working with the school’s instructors and top designers and bookbinders.

Read more about the event here

Lomography x CPF · Launching Worldwide Photo Competition

Image Credits: @Lomography 

‘Forget the rulebook and treasure life’s many surprises’ – together with our new playful and creative partner Lomography we are now launching a competition centered around the festival's 2024 theme: Entanglement! We encourage artists, photographers, and emerging talents to think creatively across time, space, and relations in all the ways we are co-dependently connected. Get a chance to win a spot at our next Photo Print Market, a DigitaLIZA, a Lomography camera, and more!

How does entanglement manifest in your world? Please submit your photos (max 20) that best represent the Entanglement theme taken on any film (or digital but shot with a Lomography art lens). Each picture must indicate the camera, film, or lens you used. With a prize for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, this competition is open worldwide and closes on June 16th. For the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, there will be the following prize:

1x Grand Prize Nordic Region
A booth at the Photo Print Market this Fall (read more about the previous edition here) + 1x DigitaLIZA Max + 1x MonoChrome Duet.

2x Grand Prize Worldwide
Free submission to the Copenhagen Photo Festival Open Call + Diana F+ Camera & Flash CMYK + 1x LomoChrome Metropolis 120.

2x Runner-up Prize
20 EUR voucher for the Online Shop.

Read the details and submit your photographs here

About Lomography

The Austrian-based brand Lomography has since 1991 created a positive, thriving community around analog photography and creative processes. In recent years they have even established The Lomo School for Photography – The Ultimate Guide to All Things Analogue – where professionals and newbies can get inspiration for their particular level of creativity and skill. 

“We’ve provided information about all the exciting experimental techniques that have been inspiring the imagination of Lomographers far and wide over the past 30 years. Users can learn how to shoot mesmerizing multiple exposures, uncover handy tips and tricks like mastering the pinhole, and read detailed explanations (that they understand) about what the hell pushing and pulling mean, and so much more.”  

Explore the Lomography universe here

Explore the Photo Scene 2024 program

From Barbara Marstrand and Christopher Egeberg to Søren Solkær, Kent Klich and Fryd Frydendahl. At the Photo Scene 2024 you can meet both shooting stars and prizewinning artists within photography from the Nordic region in our informal and cozy tipi tent at Refshaleøen 8 & 9 June. 

We invite you to join us for two days of talks, panels and screenings that dive into the many perspectives of photography from photo books and artistic processes and practices to photography's ability to document or change the world within us as well as around us. 

The Photo Scene is an informal stage located in the festival's triple tipi tent in the middle of festival center exhibition park. Anyone with an interest in visual art, storytelling, photography and the world at large is welcome to join the conversations.

You can also delve into books and prints at the adjoining Photo Book Market, get a cold drink in the bar or go for a stroll in the exhibition park. The photo scene program runs from 12 to 6 pm both days. 

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Photo Scene Programme · 8 & 9 June 2024

Saturday 8 June

12.00-12.30 Disko Bay · Artist talk

Artist talk with photographer and FUTURES talent 2024 Barbara Marstrand about her recent book Still Life of Teenagers (2023).

12.30-13.00 Dogwalk Books · Panel talk

Photographer Kent Klich in conversation with Ditte Haarløv Johnsen about Klich's recent book GZA on Land and Air and a need to act and reflect on the ongoing war in GAZA through activism and photography.

13.00-13.30 Konnotation Press · Artist talk

Photographer Fryd Frydendahl in conversation with graphic designer Jacob Birch about her book Nephews.

13.30-14.00 VEHA Archive · Curator talk

VEHA archive founder Lesia Pcholka in conversation with VEHA Archive curator Vera Zalutskaya about the project and exhibition "We'll Hold a Wedding on Your Graves. Beyond VEHA Photographic Archive" which explores Belarusian culture and history from a fresh perspective and dives into the critical aspects of an archival approach.

14.00-14.30 Fatamorgana · Student-teacher talk

Fryd Frydendahl, head of Fatamorgana School of Photography, in conversation with student Silas Hjort about what it is like to attend the school.

14.30- 15.00 Book Lab · Artist Talk

Artist talk with photographer Christopher Egeberg aka Flip  about his recent book SPYO about the street artist by the same name.

15.00-15.30 Ukraine House · Curator talk

Curator at Ukraine House Kateryna Stukalova will introduce Ukraineian photography through a selection of recently published books on Ukrainian photography.

15.30-16.00 Ex Nihilo · Artist Talk

Artist Nicolai Howalt in a philosophical conversation with gallerist André Hansen about perception and photography.

16.00-16.30 Book Lab · Artist Talk

Artist talk with photographer Casper Dalhoff about his new book Normal (2024).

16.30-17.30 CPF Solo Artist · Artist Talk + Book Launch & Signing

Artist talk with Austrian solo artist Mafalda Rakoš about her new book based on the same project as the solo exhibition All in this Together presented at this year's festival. The artist will be joined on stage by her mother, psychotherapist Anna Rakoš, who has contributed to the book. The talk will be moderated by Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. The talk will be followed by a book launch and signing in Mafalda Rakoš' exhibition in FRAME.

17.30-20.00 CPF Selectees · Screening

Screening of the projects of the 11 Copenhagen Photo Festival Selectees who are presented with a group exhibition at this year's festival. The artists are Andi Galdi VinkoBjörn NilssonChristine Lorenzen Jansen van StadenKaterina TsakiriLamees Saleh Sharaf el DinNatalia KepeszSeif KousmateToby BinderVic BakinYuxing Chen

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Sunday 9 June

 12.00-12.30 Wondering Viking · Artist Talk

Photographer and founder of Wondering Viking about his work as a documentary photographer in some of the central conflict zones of the world.

 12.30-13.00 Forlaget Hjorth/Banja Rathnov Kunsthandel & Galleri· Jeanette Land Skov

An artist talk with photographer and visual artist Jeanette Land Schou. JLS talks about her photographic work, focusing on the artistic mediation between the personal/private and the political.

13.00-13.30 Edition Circle · Artist Talk

Photographer Søren Solkær will present his two recent books Black Sun and Starling. In the books he returns to the marsh lands of Southern Jutland where he originates from. It is also from here he has followed the starlings through their migration route across Europe.

13.30-14.00 Konnotation Press · Artist Talk

Photographer Luis Garcia  and editor and publisher Emilie Nilsson in conversation about the making of the photo book Beauty Beauty.

 14.00-14.30 Københavns Museum · Copenhagen Archive · Artist Talk

Talk by Ulf Svane, photographer and one of the founders of Copenhagen Archive, a visual collective focused on the history of Copenhagen, who has recently published the book Hovedstaden bag facaden. The project is currently also exhibited at Københavns Museum called Min butik.

14.30-15.00 Disko Bay · Screening

Screening of photographer Julian Slagman's project Looking at My Brother, which is presented as a book at NW Gallery by Disko Bay 14 June.

15.00-15.30 Dark Gallery · Gallery talk

Want to join an experimental, artist-driven photography gallery in Copenhagen rooted in film photography, photo documentary and immersive, interactive storytelling? Gallery members will present the gallery and its upcoming activities – and invite you to join their open community.

15.30-16.00 Tingbjerg Kulturhus · Curator talk

The curators and participants of the youth and photography project Changemakers at Tingbjerg Kulturhus in conversation about how young people can take part in and create art and not only be onlookers. Through Changemakers young people create change through photography.

16.00-16.30 Galleri Krebsen · Art Alliance · Artist Talk

Artists Ulla Hauer and Eva Hvelplund currently exhibiting at Galleri Krebsen will give insight into their photographic and artistic processes.

16.30-20.00 CPF Selectees · Screening

Screening of the projects of the 11 Copenhagen Photo Festival Selectees who are presented with a group exhibition at this year's festival. The artists are Andi Galdi VinkoBjörn NilssonChristine Lorenzen Jansen van StadenKaterina TsakiriLamees Saleh Sharaf el DinNatalia KepeszSeif KousmateToby BinderVic BakinYuxing Chen

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Join the Festival's Exclusive Guided Tour to Louisiana

Step into The Detour of Identity, a groundbreaking exhibition where the enigmatic works of Roni Horn meet the cinematic genius of masters like Hitchcock and Bergman. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art invites CPF festival pass guests to the museum (with a 25% discount) and a free guided tour of the Roni Horn exhibition on Wednesday, June 12th at 16.30.  Unveiling hidden layers of eroticism and desire, this Nordic debut of Horn’s art promises an unforgettable journey through the subtle and profound.

About The Artist

The Detour of Identity marks the first major solo presentation of Roni Horn (b. 1955) in the Nordic region. Renowned as one of the most influential and acclaimed contemporary artists, Roni Horn's work spans photography, drawing, and sculpture. A distinctive figure in contemporary art, known for her extensive work in photography, sculpture, and drawing—her primary medium. Her exhibitions have been featured in leading museums worldwide, and she is also an accomplished writer with numerous published books. Central to Horn's art is the exploration of identity. She poses fundamental questions about self, gender, emotional language, and the relationship between nature and humanity. Her artworks serve as concrete responses, open to interpretation. 

Discounts for Guests with a Festival Pass

Helle Søndergaard, the arts facilitator at Louisiana, will take you on a tour of the current exhibition featuring acclaimed American contemporary artist Roni Horn. Horn's work spans multiple media, including film and photography. The exhibition, characterized by a seemingly razor-sharp and cool aesthetic, contrasts themes of humanity and landscape, permanence and changeability, and obscurity and transparency, all expressed through the dynamic interplay of light, water, and weather.

The exhibition delves into themes of subtle undertones, secret messages, and erotic signals, showcasing Horn’s art in dialogue with classic films by directors such as Bergman, Dreyer, von Trier, Chabrol, and Hitchcock. These pairings reveal the profound influence of cinema on Horn’s work and highlight an intense focus on sexuality, the body, eroticism, and desire—elements often hidden beneath the surface of her conceptual imagery. Key works from throughout her career are featured, illustrating these intricate themes.

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Image Credit: Roni Horn, Cabinet of, 2001-2002, C prints, 36 parts (detail). Courtsey kunstneren og Hauser & Wirth ©Roni Horn

Exclusive Artist Talk on Refshaleøen: Elina Brotherus on Alvar Aalto

Image credit: Elina Brotherus, Elissa’s Room, 2020. From the series In the Architect’s House. Courtesy of artist.

Elina Brotherus, acclaimed photo and video artist, and Ulrikke Neergaard, director of the KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces will engage in a discussion at Copenhagen Photo Festival, Refshaleøen on the 15th of June from 15.00–16.00, through a collaborative effort between Copenhagen Photo Festival, KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, and Martin Asbæk Gallery. Embark on a captivating dialogue between Brotherus and Neergaard as they unravel the mysteries behind Brotherus' compelling imagery within Alvar Aalto's architectural realm.

The conversation will delve into Brotherus' latest exhibition, “IN THE ARCHITECT'S HOUSE: ELINA BROTHERUS ON ALVAR AALTO," exploring her portrayal of fictional female figures within Alvar Aalto's architectural masterpieces in Finland and France. They will examine Brotherus' manipulation of reflections and mirrors in her photography, as well as her unique ability to create three-dimensional depth on a flat surface, resulting in her signature painterly quality.

About The Artist

Elina Brotherus' art oscillates between autobiographical and art historical approaches. Initially focused on subjective experiences, her work has evolved to explore the human figure, landscape, and the artist-model relationship. Based in Helsinki, Finland, and Avallon, France, Brotherus holds an MA in Photography from the University of Art and Design Helsinki and an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Helsinki. Among her honors are the Artist Professorship Grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Carte Blanche PMU, France. Her works are featured in over 80 public collections worldwide, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, LACMA in Los Angeles, and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Read more about the event here.

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Solo Artist Workshops

At the festival center we now exclusively offer the chance to work with two of our 2024 exhibiting solo artists, Chloé Milos Azzopardi and Mafalda Rakoš. Get an insight into their approach to working with photography, learn their techniques and create your own photographic project.


Crafting compositions

With Chloé Milos Azzopardi you will be crafting elements to use in your own photographic scenery. By using organic materials, you will build your own composition, shoot and print it. You will be working with elements such as wood, stone, ice and dirt, all provided at the course. You will learn to tie the elements in different knots create your own non-technological devices. Once your own natural structure is built, you will take a photo of your work and print it.

You will learn how to link different media and create photographic fiction, by mixing construction, performance, storytelling and photography. Furthermore you will get an insight into the symbiotic relationship between art and the environment. Participants will come back home with their personal work of art.
Learn more about the artist

Creative portrait photography

With Mafalda Rakoš, you are invited to reflect on the notion of entanglement by creating your own photographic portrait project. Join an introductory conversation, where group discussions will be focusing on personal experiences related to either being photographed or capturing photographs.

This workshop aims to enhance participants' awareness of sensitive themes and foster confidence-building interactions between photographer and subject.

In pairs, you will be creating a portrait of one another, setting the space, selecting the photos and printing them. Additionally, participants will be encouraged to engage in artistic expression by drawing on printed images to convey emotions and thoughts. Participants will come back home with their personal work of art.
Learn more about the artist

What · Where · When

Photography workshops

At the festival center

Both are 8 June, 11:00 - 14:00

Book your seat to 'Crafting compositions' here

Book your seat to 'Creative portrait photography' here


Explore this year's exhibitions with our guided tours

Get an in-depth experience with this year’s theme and the exciting exhibitions in our unconventional festival space on Refshaleøen with a guided tour by art historian and former gallerist Camilla Rohde Madsen. 

You can now book a unique, tactile and thorough tour introducing all the artworks at Copenhagen Photo Festival’s exhibition park on Refshaleøen. Explore our festival centre and discover our four solo shows and a group exhibition showcasing our 15 selected international photographers in total. Get an insight into the artists' practice, their approach to photography and the way, their works relate to the theme 'Entangelment'.

There will be three slots daily:
June 11th to 13th
11:30-13:00 · 14:00-15:30 · 16:00-17:30

Tours will be either in Danish or English, depending on the participants.
The groups will be of max 20 participants.

Find more info and book directly on this link.
Price: 185 DKK pr person + entrance to the festival.

Are you our next intern?

👇🏼 English text below 👇🏼

Brænder du for kunst, fotografi, udstillings- og/eller festivalplanlægning? Er du nysgerrig, åben, selvstændig og struktureret? Copenhagen Photo Festival er på udkig efter praktikanter, der kan byde ind med faglighed, kreative indspark og lyst til at engagere sig i forberedelserne og afviklingen af næste års festival i juni!

Som praktikant hos os er du med til at realisere og formidle et omfattende, kulturevent i København med en lang række samarbejdspartnere på tværs af kunstscenen og et bredt udsnit af aktiviteter. Du vil få indgående erfaring med kultur- og eventproduktion fra A til Å og blive rustet til at kunne indgå i selvstændige projekter fremadrettet. Du får afprøvet og forenet din akademiske viden og uddannelsesbaggrund med opgaver i praktisk og kreativ kontekst og selvfølgelig et bredt indblik i foto- og kunstverdenen samt kulturmiljøet på både lokalt og internationalt niveau. 

Interesse for kommunikation, events eller programplanlægning?

Til efteråret 2024 søger vi praktikanter med interesse inden for kommunikation, eventproduktion eller programplanlægning. Afhængig af din baggrund og faglige interesse, kan du fx komme omkring følgende arbejdsopgaver i dit praktikforløb:  

  • Contentkoordinering, -produktion og -planlægning(fx tekst, foto og videoproduktion)
  • Skriftlig kommunikation til web, nyhedsbreve og SoMe 
  • Event- og udstillingskoordinering 
  • Programudvikling og -koordinering
  • Udstillingsproduktion 
  • Projektkoordinering

Hvad forventer vi af dig - og hvad kan du forvente af os?

Du studerer kommunikation, medier, kunsthistorie, visuel kultur eller lignende, og du har lyst til at bringe dine kompetencer og erfaringer, synspunkter og ideer i spil i vores lille, internationale team. Hos os kan du få stor indflydelse på egne arbejdsopgaver, ligesom du kan forvente en uhøjtidelig men dedikeret tilgang til opgaverne – og alle bidrager til at søsætte festivalen sammen. Derfor har vi brug for, at du er ansvarsbevidst, struktureret og kan prioritere imellem sideløbende opgaver. Du begår dig problemfrit på dansk og engelsk, skriftligt såvel som mundtligt.  

Et praktikforløb hos os til efteråret kan skræddersys efter de krav og betingelser, der er på netop din uddannelse, men vi anbefaler at du kan være her min. 15 timer ugentligt. Vi kan desværre ikke tilbyde løn i forbindelse med praktikken.  

ANSØG HER: Send din ansøgning (og cv), hvor du uddyber hvilke praktikopgaver, der interesserer dig mest, hvorfor, og hvordan du vil gribe dem an her.

Vi glæder os til at høre fra dig!

Get a sense of the festival mood from the festival in 2023 


Copenhagen Photo Festival is looking for interns who can offer creative input, professionalism and who loves to get involved!

As an intern with us, you will have a share in the realization of a widespread cultural event in Copenhagen with a large number of partners and a wide range of activities. You will gain in-depth experience with event production from A to Z and be equipped to be able to take part in independent projects in the future. 

Interested in communications, content production, event or exhibition planing?

You can test your academic knowledge and educational background with assignments in a practical and creative context –  and of course a broad insight into the world of photography and art. Here are some of the tasks you can explore during your internship:  

  • Event and exhibition production 
  • Communication on text
  • Web, newsletter and SoMe content
  • Program development and coordination
  • Production 
  • Project management

What can you expect of us – and what do we expect?

You study communication, media, art history or visual culture. The most important thing, however, is that you are motivated and want to bring your skills and experiences, views and ideas into play in our small team. 

We work unpretentiously, but dedicatedly, and therefore we need you to be responsible, structured and able to handle and prioritize between parallel tasks. You communicate fluently in English, in writing as well as orally, and if you can communicate in Danish as well it's a plus.  

An internship with us this fall can be adjusted according to the requirements and conditions set by your education. But we recommend that you are available for a minimum of 15 hours weekly. Unfortunately we can not offer salary in connection with the practice.  

APPLY HERE: Send your application and a CV and elaborate on which internship assignments are of interest to you, and we would also love to read why and how you want to approach them.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo: Francesco Martello

Photo book market and Photo Scene 8 & 9 June

Image credit: Stinus Duch 

Come and celebrate your passion for photography with other photo enthusiasts, book aficionados and everyone with a curious heart towards lens based media. Experience and buy photo books from some of the most passionate photo book publishers on the Nordic photo scene.

Join us at our Festival Center on Refshaleøen June 8th and 9th between 11 and 6 pm, where this year's photo book market will take place in our cozy triple tipi tent. At the market you can meet and talk with publishers, photographs and book sellers, who are highly engaged within the art of photography and photo books and have a unique knowledge of the photo book tradition.

Simultaneously you can join the talks, book launches, screenings and discussion at the Photo Scene, with talks, launches, screenings and other contributions, to elaborate all the great publishers, exhibition partners and artists. On site there will be possibilities to buy food and drinks.

The participating contributors and publishers are:

BOOK LAB · Books & Music · DISKO BAY · Dogwalk Books · EDITION CIRCLE · Banja Rathnov Galleri & Kunsthandel · FORLAGET Tidløs · K.E Books · Konnotation · Marrow Press · KATALOG · NW Gallery Cph · Forlaget Rhodos · Space Poetry · Void · FORLAGET WUNDERBUCH · Wondering Viking · CPF Artists, Prints and books

What · when · where · who?

The photo book market takes place 8th & 9th of June between 11 am to 6 pm in a triple tipi tent at the Festival Center on Refshaleøen. To access the market and stage, a partout ticket for the festival is required.

Fotos: Stinus Duch, Christine Almlund