Meet this year’s four solo artists!

Photo credit: Chloé Azzopardi // Non Technological Devices

The celebration of this year’s festival and our 15th year celebration has already begun and we are very happy to now unveil which four artist’s projects out of the 15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees we will unfold and present with a solo exhibition and which artists will be presented at a group exhibition this summer – all bringing their perspective on the overarching theme of ‘Entanglement’.

Solo artists 2024
The programme committee have selected four artists to be presented with a solo exhibition because of their particular strong and thorough projects that all have a very distinct approach to the theme. The project committee believes these projects have a depth and integrity that can be unfurled and nuanced to give the festival audience a particular tactile and enriching experience in the festival’s unique venue FRAME and the surrounding rewilded outdoor exhibition park at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Photo Solo Artists 2024

Chloé Azzopardi – 'Non Technological Devices'

The Programme Committee's motivation

French artist Chloé Azzopardi questions the exploitative relationship towards the environment in her project Non Technological Devices. Her work confronts how ephemeral and intricately entangled our technology is with natural resources, the heart of our civilisation now profoundly endangered by our technological race and exploitation. Her self-made low-tech sculptures are a call to underline how dependent we are on our technology while being as much part of ecosystems as every other living thing. Her sculptures function as extensions of the body, echoing this idea of cyborgs.These playful sculptures twist our understanding of the future as a synonym for technological progress and turn the perspective upside down. She brings an alternative reality into play where the ‘back to nature’ is the progression – spiced up with a refreshing note of humor and hope.

Learn more about the project here

Emanuele Occhipinti – 'A Muntagna'

The Programme Committee's motivation

Italian documentary photographer Emanuele Occhipinti examines the ambiguous and striking relation between Mount Etna on Sicily and the locals who have lived on its slopes for centuries in his project ‘A Muntagna’. The bond between them is very peculiar, oscillating between the beauty of fertility and the burn of ashes. This intricate relationship reveals the profound interweavement of the locals' daily life with the tempers of their slumbering mother and how centuries have created this unique living situation. The images are out of time and portray the mysteriously quiet and mundane encounters between those two neighbors. In a time when we are being confronted with increasing natural disasters as the consequence of centuries of exploitation, Occhipinti’s work represents a diverse and passionate entanglement between human and nature – with the apocalypse residing under their feet.

Learn more about the project here

Mafalda Rakoš – 'All in this together'

Mafalda Rakoš by Paola Lesslhumer

The Programme Committee's motivation

In the project “All in this together” 2021 Austrian artist Mafalda Rakoš explores the nuances of the human condition within the isolated period of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic led to increased levels of loneliness, and Rakoš’ work seeks to remind us of the importance of human connection. Through her performative and collaborative portraits, she explores how disconnection is entangled with the narratives of Western culture; the promise of happiness and seemingly ultimate freedom combined with a constant self awareness, fostered partially by social media. Rakoš questions the health of modern society and tries to bridge our "isolated islands” in order to remind us that we are related in more ways than we think.

Learn more about the project here

Marcus DeSieno – 'Geography of Disappearance´

The Programme Committee's motivation

American artist Marcus DeSieno exposes the oppression of immigrants and its impact on the landscape in his project Geography of Disappearance. Everyone has a story, and DeSieno tries to show the ones that we turn a blind eye to, the forgotten ones. His work of remembrance anchors us in a dehumanized reality where immigrants are just another no-one. His process is humble and he tries to give peace and dignity to the dead while exposing the harsh reality of our current global society being increasingly polarized and entangled at the same time. He denounces the contrast between our omnipresent biased communication and this ignorance of a global issue. His work is a call to be more inclusive and join in a conversation about the power dynamics in our society and the need to relink communities towards a more respectful future.

Learn more about the project here


Congratulations to all! We look forward to presenting the works of these artists to the public in june!

Explore this year's 15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees here 

15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees 2024 – celebrating 15 years of photography

Photo credit: Natalia Kepesz // The Iron Curtain

Copenhagen Photo Festival is thrilled to finally announce the selection of the artists that we highlight at this year’s festival on the occasion of our 15th anniversary. Based on our annual open call the program committee has now appointed 15 among the hundreds of applying artists to be presented as one of '15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees 2024 – 15 years of celebrating photography'. The selection of the 15 selectees marks a new approach as all of the artists will be presented at this year’s festival – four with a solo exhibition and 11 in a group show – all engaging with the overarching theme ‘Entanglement’. 

Each of the 15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees 2024 enrich the theme of ’entanglement’ with their particular perspective. The diversity of the projects as well as the dedication, thoughtfulness and not least the way the projects connect with the theme is stunning. 

The projects expand and stretch the unruly yarn ball concept of ‘entanglement’ in new, surprising, contemplative, critical and also very personal ways that gives us insights into unknown territories, histories and fictions. 

They show us how entanglement is taking place within the body and mind as well as over time through history, across global borders and how we are all in this world of war, conflict and climate crises together but also how we can try to cope and create hope and agency if we connect and listen.


Jansen van Staden // Some


Selected among hundreds of applications

The selectees were chosen out of 639 applications from 68 countries that responded to CPF’s open call to engage with the theme of 'Entanglement', which we have described in these terms:

 In a global perspective with climate change, wars, Western consumerism, AI technology or drug trafficking, it is relevant to talk about a concept like 'entanglement' to describe how major historical events as well as our own everyday life are closely connected and can mutually influence each other in unpredictable, unruly and even messy ways.

 – CPF about ‘entanglement’, (click to read the full theme statement

The 15 Copenhagen Photo Selectees come from 15 different countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the US and as a special feature on the occasion of the anniversary we look forward to presenting all of these projects in our festival center in june. 

Four of the selected artists will present a solo exhibition at the festival center and the remaining 11 will be presented in a group show. The four solo artists will be announced on 20 February on our platforms. 

The Copenhagen Photo Selectees 2024

Andi Galdi Vinko · Björn Nilsson · Chloé Azzopardi · Christine Lorenzen · Emanuele Occhipinti · Jansen van Staden · Katerina Tsakiri · Lamees Saleh Sharaf el Din · Mafalda Rakoš · Marcus DeSieno · Natalia Kepesz ·  Seif Kousmate · Toby Binder · Vic Bakin · Yuxing Chen

Read more about all the artists here 


Open Call: Fotomarked i Absalon 11. november

English below 👇🏼

“Vi ønsker at fejre det, der findes allerede og opfordrer til i bæredygtighedens navn at puste liv i alle de skønne fotoprint, der ligger i skufferne og fortjener at blive vist frem” - Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen

Er du fotograf, kunstner eller engageret samler med forkærlighed for fotografi? Og har du en masse fine fotografier i gemmerne, som fortjener at få et nyt liv? Copenhagen Photo Festival og Absalon har slået sig sammen om at lave vores første fælles fotomarked i Absalons skønne rammer på Sønder Boulevard på Vesterbro den 11. november, og nu kan du søge om at få en bod med dine fotografiske print.

Salen i Absalon vil være fyldt med boder med alt fra ‘fundne fotografier’ til kunst- og dokumentarfotografi af både etablerede og spirende fotografer, og der vil være rig lejlighed til at møde fotograferne og få en snak om værkerne og historierne bag.  

Pust nyt liv i dine fotoprint

“Vi ønsker at fremhæve de mange dygtige fotografer herhjemme ved at få deres fotografi bredt ud til alle os, som værdsætter kunst og fotografi uden at betragte os selv som samlere. På fotomarkedet får du mulighed for at købe et værk med en personlig historie til en fair pris, og hvor du tilmed støtter fotografens arbejde,” fortæller Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, festivaldirektør. “Vi ønsker at fejre det, der findes allerede og opfordrer til i bæredygtighedens navn at puste liv i alle de skønne fotoprint, der ligger i skufferne og fortjener at blive vist frem.” 

Så er du dokumentar- eller kunstfotograf med fotoprints i gemmerne, eller samler du på fx ‘fundne fotografier’ og har du lyst til at sælge ud af fundene, kan du søge om at få en af de ca. 20 boder, som får plads på markedet inden den 25. Oktober

Sådan ansøger du

Du skal blot skrive direkte til Copenhagen Photo Festival med følgende oplysninger i én samlet pdf:

  1. Kontaktoplysninger (Navn, adresse, telefon)
  2. Beskrivelse af din fotofaglige baggrund (uddannelse, erfaring, andet)
  3. Beskrivelse + fotos af det, du ønsker at sælge i din bod.
  4. Angive antal prints, formater og typer.
  5. Angive prisniveau

Prisen for at deltage er 400 kr. for et bord som måler 220x85cm. Der hører stole med til boden. Opsætning er mulig fra kl. 8:00 og senest ankomst kl. 9:00.

NB! Boden kan ikke refunderes.

Læs mere på Facebook begivenheden her.


"We want to celebrate what already exists and encourage, in the name of sustainability, to breathe life into all the beautiful photo prints that are in the drawers and deserve to be shown." – Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, festival director

Are you a photographer, artist or maybe a dedicated collector with a fondness for found photography? And do you have a lot of nice photographs in storage that deserve a new life? Copenhagen Photo Festival and Absalon at Vesterbro have teamed up to create our first joint photo market in Absalon's beautiful house on Sønder Boulevard in Vesterbro on 11 November, and now you can apply for a stall with your photographic prints.

The hall in Absalon will be filled with stalls with everything from 'found photographs' to art and documentary photography by both established and emerging photographers, and there will be ample opportunity to meet the photographers and have a chat about the works and the stories behind them.

Bring new life to your photo prints

"We want to highlight the many talented photographers by making their photography widely available to all of us who appreciate art and photography without considering ourselves collectors. At the photo market you get the opportunity to buy a work with a personal story at a fair price, and where you also support the photographer's work," says Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, festival director. "We want to celebrate what already exists and encourage, in the name of sustainability, to breathe life into all the beautiful photo prints that are in the drawers and deserve to be shown."

So if you are a documentary or art photographer with photo prints itching to find a new home, or if you collect e.g. 'found photographs' and would like to sell some of your gems, you can apply for one of the approx. 20 stalls, which will have space on the market before 25 October.

How to apply

Simply write directly to Copenhagen Photo Festival with the following information in one combined pdf:

  1. Contact information (Name, address, telephone)
  2. Description of your photographic background (education, experience, other)
  3. Description + photos of what you want to sell in your stall.
  4. Specify number of prints, formats and types.
  5. Specify price level

The price to participate is DKK 400 for a table measuring 220x85cm. Chairs are included with the stall. Setup is possible from 8:00 and the latest arrival at 9:00.

NB! The ticket cannot be refunded.





Pop-up festival under Kulturnatten  

Foto: Nanna Heitmann

English below 👇

13. oktober 2023 kl. 18 

Er du vild med kunst- og dokumentarfotografi? Er du nysgerrig på hvordan man arrangerer en festival? Og vil du ud og opleve Københavns kunst- og kulturscene i det lunefulde efterår? Så kom med når Copenhagen Photo Festival slår dørene op i FRAME på Refshaleøen til en magisk og atmosfærisk aften under dette års Kulturnat 2023!

I år er Copenhagen Photo Festival stolte over at være en del af Kulturnatten for første gang nogensinde. Vi bringer kunst og kultur sammen og give alle en enestående mulighed for at opleve ny, relevant fotografi fra den internationale kunstscene. 

Oplev prisvindende Magnum-fotograf 

I løbet af aftenen kan du blandt andet opleve den prisvindendende Magnum-fotograf Nanna Heitmanns tankevækkende udstilling “Hiding from Baba Yaga”, en screening af fem Future Nordic Talents 2023, se solo kunster Craig Ames store AI-værker ved indgangen af FRAME - alt sammen til musik fra kunstner Benjamin Pelzman. Under aftenen kan du også møde holdet bag festivalen og få en drink i vores bar hvor vi også sælger tote bags, og fine kataloger. 

Nanna Heitmanns udstilling, “Hiding from Baba Yaga '', skildrer på fineste vis folket ved Yenisei-floden i Rusland. Med sine fotografier har Heitmann skabt en enestående visuel fortælling, der tager os med på en rejse, hvor vi får et indblik i livet omkring floden. Udstillingen belyser spørgsmål om identitet, ensomhed, og den evige søgen efter tilhørsforhold. 

Læs mere om Nanna Heitmans værker

Spirende talenter udforsker fotografiets muligheder

Gennem aftenen kan du også se en screening af de fem Future Nordic Talents 2023s værker og høre om deres projekter, der repræsenterer den næste generation af Skandinavisk fotokunst. Hvert talent er blevet udvalgt på baggrund af deres unikke perspektiver og evne til at udforske grænserne for, hvad fotografiet kan. Deres værker spænder bredt fra dokumentariske fortællinger til eksperimentel fotografi og vil forhåbentligt både inspirere og fascinere aftenens gæster. 

Læs mere om de fem Future Nordic Talents, Susanne Fagerlund, Sofie Flinth, Mikkel Hørlyck, Guilia Mangione og Jonas Yang Tislevoll her. Projektet Future Nordic Talents er støttet af Nordisk Kulturfond. 

Vi lover en uforglemmelig aften i fotografiets tegn. Gør dig klar til at lade dig forbløffe og berøre af de mange historier, der venter dig hos Copenhagen Photo Festival under Kulturnatten 2023. 

Foreløbigt program for aftenen: 

Sving forbi mellem 18 og 24 til en drink og gå på opdagelse i vores forskellige udstillinger til musik af lydkunstner Benjamin Pelzman. I løbet af aftenen kan du høre talks om udstillingerne og blive klogere på, hvordan man skaber en festival – og så kan du møde teamet bag og få en snak om, hvad der rør sig på den fotoscenen lige nu. 

18.00: Dørene åbner til vores Festival Pop-Up med atmosfærisk musk v. Benjamin Pelzman og baren disker op med kolde øl, vin og vand!

20-20.30: Talk: Møde Future Nordic Talents 2023 og dokumentarfotograf Nanna Heitmann 

21-21.30: Talk: Hvordan skaber man en festival, og hvordan er det at være praktikant hos CPF? 

22-00: Udstillingerne og musikken fortsætter hele aftenen - det gør baren også!




OCTOBER 13, 2023, 6:00PM-00. 


Are you passionate about art and documentary photography? Curious about how to organize a festival? And eager to explore Copenhagens’s art and culture scene in the beautiful autumn? Join us as we open our doors at FRAME on Refshaleøen for a magical and atmospheric evering during this year’s Culture Night 2023! 


This year, Copenhagen Photo Festival is proud to be a central part of Culture Night 2023. We aim to unite art and culture, offering everyone a unique opportunity to experience relevant photography from the international art scene. 

During the evening, you can, among other things, experience the award-winning Magnum photographer Nanna Heitmann’s thoughtful exhibition “Hiding from Baba Yaga”, and the solo artist Craig Ames big AI-photos in front for FRAME. There will also be a screening of the five Future Nordic Talents 2023, music by Benjamin Pelzman, a chance to meet the festival team, and even enjoy a drink at our bar where we also sell totebags and catalogues. 


Nanna Heitmann’s exhibition “Hiding from Baba Yaga”, beautifully depicts the people along the Yenisei River in Russia. With the photographs, Heitmann has made a unique visual narrative that takes us on a journey, where we get to see life around the river. The exhibition also questioning themes as identity, loneliness, and the eternal quest for belonging. 

During the evening, you can also experience a screening of the five Future Nordic Talents 2023, and learn about their projects representing the next generation of Nordic Photography. Each talent has been selected for their unique perspectives and their ability to push the boundaries of what photography can be. Their works are everything from documentary photography to experimental photography and photography in between, and will hopefully inspire and captivate our evening guests. 


We promise an unforgettable evening dedicated to photography. Get ready to be amazed and moved by the many stories that wait for you at Copenhagen Photo Festival during Culture Night 2023!


Program for the evening (can be changed): 

Swing by from 6 to 12 pm, grab a drink and experience the Festival Pop Up Exhibition with our five FUTURE nordic talents and documentary photographer and World Press Photo winner Nanna Heitmann. During the evening soundscape artist Benjamin Pelzman will tune up FRAME and you can learn more about the exhibitions, meet the team behind the festival. 

6 pm: The doors to our Festival Pop-Up open with atmospheric tunes by Benjamin Pelzman and the bar with cold beers and wine.

8-8.30 pm: Talk: Presenting Future Nordic Talents and Solo Artist Nanna Heitmann

9-9.30 pm: Talk: How to make a festival and being an intern at Copenhagen Photo Festival

10-12 pm: The exhibitions and soundscape by Benjamin Pelzman continues all night!

SUPERPOWER – Ghosts of the Atomic Age

Krümmel Kernkraftwerk on Elbe; Primary school in Tespe, part of Elbmarsch municipality. Photo: Oleksandr Martemianov

Ukrainian photographer spotlights the fragile superpowers of nuclear power in a new exhibition 

How do we tame the superpowers of technology – and is it possible? SUPERPOWER – Ghosts of the Atomic Age is a new photo-documentary exhibition at Dark Gallery CPH, opening on 29 September. Here, Ukrainian photographer Oleksandr Martemianov questions whether we can tame nuclear technology. With his analogue large-format camera, Martemianov has registered 23 nuclear power plants, highlighting the fragile superpowers of nuclear energy in his exhibition, which includes the recent headline-grabbing Russian occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine to Sweden’s Barsebäck and Germany’s Krümmel nuclear power stations close to Danish boarders.

Explosive subject secretly photographed 

Over the past 4 years, Ukrainian photographer Oleksandr Martemianov has travelled Europe to document disused nuclear power plants with his analogue large-format camera – 23 locations in total. He has often had to photograph them surreptitiously to the best of his ability, since the caretakers of many decommissioned power stations prefer them to remain out of the public eye, and several of the plants are closed to the press and public. Desktop research has also been part of the photographer’s investigation, and he has spoken to some of the surprisingly few people tasked with guarding Europe’s defunct nuclear power plants.

Photo: Oleksandr Martemianov

The forgotten history of nuclear power 

In his first solo exhibition, the 33-year-old Sweden-based photographer and engineer unfolds the uneasy and entangled history of these nuclear power plants and the consequences they have had to society and human life. He poses the question: Are we as a society able to handle the complex, potent and impactful technology that we ourselves create – also in the future? A question that seems particularly relevant in a time when the energy crisis and war in Europe have revived old discussions both for and against nuclear power, and where artificial intelligence is reshaping our familiar notions of the scope and impact of our complex technologies.

Aging but highly potent technology 

SUPERPOWER showcases both the civilian and military aspects of the history of nuclear power – from the Krümmel plant in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, where the local population experienced an increase in leukemia cases, to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine, which has recently suffered attack by Russian occupation forces. Martemianov’s extensive photo-documentary project sets out to investigate an aging, yet still highly potent technology and delves into the often secretive, questionable operations of these ghosts of the past, which, for better or worse, still have a great impact on the lives of many people.

From Chornobyl to Barsebäck 

Photographer Oleksandr Martemianov grew up in the aftermath of nuclear disaster close to the infamous nuclear power plant in Chornobyl in Ukraine and was born four years after the incident. Later he relocated to Sweden, not far from the controversial nuclear power plant Barsebäck, where he lives and works today.

“Although I grew up close to Chornobyl during a time when nuclear power was increasingly seen as a threat, I’ve sought to keep an open mind about the pros and cons of the technology. As an engineer, I am perhaps less afraid of technology in general. However, I find the politics and vested interests that surround this field of technology the most disturbing aspects of all. You need to ask yourself if we, as a society, can handle such complex technologies,” says Martemianov.

A slow practice and clean aesthetic approach 

Martemianov's practice of using the large format camera gives the project an unusual slowness. The slow, analogue approach to the modern temples of technology, that these nuclear power plants are, invite us to reflect. The result is a series of analogue colour photographs that are characterized by a clean aesthetic approach resembling both the 'Neue Sachlichkeit' (New Objectivity) of the early 20th century but also has a kinship with the Danish photographer Finn Larsen's very stringent images.


Photo: Barsebäcks kärnkraftverk

Meet the photographer at Dark Gallery CPH

SUPERPOWER is the photographer’s first solo exhibition and takes place at Dark Gallery CPH in Copenhagen, which is dedicated to analogue photography and photo documentary and aims to offer immersive, slow storytelling. The gallery has three unique Dark Spaces where visitors, in this case, bring light to the rooms themselves by using the flashlight in their mobile phones to experience the subtleties of the exhibits, such as Soviet-era maps of Europe’s nuclear power plants. On 20 and 21 October, visitors can meet Oleksandr Martemianov in person at the gallery for a chat about his project. On 5 November at 15:00, the gallery also hosts a talk with Oleksandr Martemianov and physicist Jon Hindsgaul Hansen on the subject: Are we as a society able to control the complex super technologies we create?

Oleksandr Martemianov photographing Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden with his large-format analogue camera, 2023. Photo: Dark Gallery CPH

Opening Night

29 SEPTEMBER – 4 to 6 PM
Join us for a glass of wine and meet the photographer
opening speech 4.30 PM

Exhibition facts 

Exhibition period: 29 September – 25 November 2023. 

Opening hours: Thursday-Friday at 12:00-17:30 

Saturdays: 11:00-15:30 

Events and talks

Meet the photographer: 20 + 21 October during opening hours. 

Talk with Oleksandr Martemianov and Jon Hindsgaul Hansen: Nov 5 at 15:00


Dark Gallery CPH 

Ryesgade 103 B 

DK-2100 Copenhagen 

(+45) 2033 4926
















mads nissen

Open Call 2024: Extended deadline!

Image credit: Mads Nissen

Calling all photographers and artists! We are extending our open call deadline from 15 September to 

Sunday 1 October before 11.59 PM


What is the theme?

The overarching theme for the 2024 festival edition is ‘entanglement’. A word or concept that we encourage photographers and artists to engage with in their application. The concept refers to the way we are correlated over space and time to each other. To how we can have a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on another. To the footprint that we leave, more or less intentionally. 

For the 2024 edition, three time World Press Photo winner Mads Nissen will exhibit his ongoing project ‘Sangre Blanca – the war on drugs’ which examines the entanglement of the drug trade from the coca farmers in Columbia to the streets and socialites of Europe.

What can you win?

If you are selected, you get to be one of next year’s solo artists. Usually we select between 3 to 6 artists/photographers from our open call to exhibit as part of our festival center to open the doors for different photographic genres and perspectives on the theme. 

As a solo artist at Copenhagen Photo Festival, your work will receive international exposure on a plethora of platforms giving you a chance to connect with other art and photography professionals. Exhibitors will more specifically receive: 

  • A solo exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen
  • € 530 fee as a festival participant. 
  • € 320 support for travel to and accommodation in CPH (for international photographers)
  • Copenhagen Photo Festival will cover the expenses for the exhibition 
  • A targeted PR- and marketing strategy for your exhibition on Copenhagen Photo Festival’s communication platforms
  • The possibility to meet and make contact with other exhibitors, curators and professionals through a large networking dinner, talks and gallery walks

Read more and apply here 


"If it's not fun and hopeful, it is not sustainable”

Image credit: Rebeca Buenrostro

How can the cultural sector contribute to the green transition? And can it convey environmental art without being boring and didactic? The interdisciplinary curator and co-founder of Fotofestiwal Lodz, Krzysztof Candrowicz, who participated in Copenhagen Photo Festival’s panel discussion on sustainable art practices this summer, has recently published an inspiring article on the subject that we are happy to share on our platforms. Not least because Candrowicz preaches ‘pleasure activism’ and points to constructive and hopeful approaches to how we can engage with the green transition in our everyday practice of art and institutions.


“It is crucial to provide intelligible and stimulating artistic content that makes the public emotionally or intellectually engaged with the subject matter”Krzysztof Candrowicz, co-founder of Fotofestiwal Lodz


Art and photography as a conveyor of change

In the article The Bold and Sustainable published in the recent edition of Il Giornale dell’arte called New Images: The ecological Footprint of Photography, Candrowicz proposes numerous constructive go-to solutions to approaching the glooming climate crisis from an art or art institutional perspective. He convincingly argues that art in general is a tremendously effective method to raise awareness and create activism around pressing matters like the full-toned climate crisis – and that photography in particular can help convey comprehensive understanding to some of the approaching catastrophes because of its ability to “make distant realities visible and available for experiencing.” 

The institutional responsibility 

But the importance of the institutional practice surrounding art is equally important in bringing on a change for the benefit of the climate. Candrowicz argues that even though the radical crisis can be overwhelming, the cultural sector is crucial for a ‘structural reconstruction’ of how we understand and solve the crisis, and he points specifically to how institutions and festivals like Utopias Lahti, Getxophoto, Fotofestiwal Lodz, FUTURES Photography platform and our very own Copenhagen Photo Festival work with this transformation on both a curatorial level as well as institutionally.

Pleasure activism or doomsday practice?

Lastly he advocates for ‘pleasure activism’ – that it is a main point to find a balanced way of sustainable practice. It is actually instrumental for the green transition, because a ‘doomsday’ practice will only have the opposite effect. 

With permission by Candrowicz we can now share his full article in English here, so you can get your dose of positive green transition art practice inspiration – scroll to page 27 to 35 for Candrowitcz’s article. 


Click here to view the english version of the article

Click here to view the online version of the article in Italian


“So, what do you do the rest of the year?”

Image credit: Fransesco Martello

The short answer to that question is that making a festival is all about making connections. With artists, curators, collaborators, partners, venues, producers and sponsors. 

Making new connections

Making a festival is like making a big unruly puzzle that has to fall into place – from conceptualising and planning the festival to making the initial contacts, finding funds and doing the final production, communication and execution of all the activities related to the festival. It takes time, collective effort and perseverance.

Supporting and establishing our community

As an organisation that is passionate about photography, we in addition to the festival also support our local Nordic photo scene with various initiatives year round. From special events or tours, editorial recommendations of new exhibitions, books and events on our platforms, to special opportunities for emerging talents and commercial collaborations. 

Open calls, kick-off and exhibition pop-ups in the fall

So, over the fall we will be working at next year’s festival and supporting local photo related initiatives. We run our open calls to exhibit at next year’s festival, participate in Culture Night for the first time and invite existing and invite new partners for a partner kick-off meeting where we will present our ideas for next year’s festival! 

Invitation to collaborate!

If you already have ideas for collaborations, partnerships or new initiatives, do not hesitate to reach out – send us an email via the link below and sketch up your idea or suggestion. Your input is very important for us and for the festival to thrive and grow organically in sync with our contemporary world. 



Mark these dates!

Speaking of our activities! To keep you posted about our activities in the coming months we have also collected a list that relates to both the festival and our year round activities below. We hope you will mark the dates and we will follow up with more info soon!

Editors’ recommendations: Tip us now

Our first round of recommendations to what’s happening on the Danish and Nordic photo scene is coming up very soon. We hope to send the first newsletter out around 1 September, so do not hesitate to tip us if you have lens-based exhibitions, book launches or events in the making! 

Open call 2024: Deadline for applying is 15 september

We already announced next year’s theme, ‘entanglement’, on the last day of the festival in June. And right now we are in the middle of our annual call for artists, who wish to engage with the theme and present a solo exhibition in our festival center. 

Visit us at Kulturnatten: 13 October 6 to 12 pm

In October we plan to be part of the big Copenhagener event Kulturnatten (Culture Night) for the first time ever. You can meet the team and see works by Magnum photographer Nanna Heitmann and our FUTURES talents 2023 at our venue FRAME in Refshaleøen. 

Festival exhibition partner kick off meeting: 1 november

In November we invite new and future exhibition partners interested in exhibiting with the festival next year to an afternoon kick off meeting. Here we will present our festival, thoughts on next year’s edition. Our hope is that we can also learn more about our partners, brainstorm  together on new initiatives to lift the partnership and inspire to new partnerships!

FUTURES Talents Open Call 2024: 1 november to 1 december

In November we also open the call for emerging photography talents to become next years selected FUTURES Talents. Each year we get to choose 5 talents that are offered special mentorship, networking and exhibition opportunities within the European FUTURES Photography platform.

We need your opinion!

Image credit: ©FrancescoMartello

Each year we try to create the best experience for all our visitors! 

For that reason we are very curious to know more about your own experience. What did you like? What can we improve in the future?

Copenhagen Photo Festival always needs to evolve in the best way possible from one year to another and we will never stop learning from our experiences. We want to create a good festival for the visitors and present new innovative exhibitions with emerging or established artists as well as organizing interesting events related to photography and our annual theme. That’s why we are always open for suggestions. 

It would be a big help if you could take 5 min of your time to answer the survey we made about your experience with this year's festival.

Enough talking from our side, now it’s time to hear your opinion! 

Bonus: If you go to the end of the survey, you might have a chance to win one of this year's unique tote bags + the poster with Craig Ames' algea Lichina confinis. The winners will be contacted directly via email on August 15th 2023. 

Click here for the English survey // Dansk undersøgelse

Rewilding: Panel debates at festival center

Rewilding, sustainability and artificial intelligence

In collaboration with FUTURES Photography Platform we invite you to participate in a series of panel debates about art in relation to rewilding, sustainability and artificial intelligence on 1 and 2 June. The participating panelists are a mix of the exhibiting artists and invited speakers from the Danish and international art scene including Carina Hammer, head of sustainability at Louisiana, Majken Overgaard from Korridor, Raphaël Biollay, curator at Images Vevey and others.

CPF always put great focus on the architectural and spatial aspects when selecting artists and when designing specific exhibitions. Our considerations are led by a principle of sustainability, finding creative ways to blur the border between our exhibitions and the nature and atmosphere of our exhibition park at Refshaleøen in Central Copenhagen. Focusing on photography, architecture and sustainability is therefore at the core of our DNA as a photo festival. 

Inspirational panels about the future of art and photography

The panels are thus sprung out of our overarching theme of 2023 and is a nod homage to Copenhagen’s celebration as World Capital of Architecture in 2023 which focuses on sustainability. The panels take place in a double tipi in the center of our rewilded exhibition park and seek to inspire, explore the theme, and not least give space to networking across national and cultural borders and across professional circles and industries within culture.


Rewilding art and photography – a sustainable arts practice

Public panel discussions 1 and 2 June

1 June - 1 pm-4 pm: A sustainable art’s practice – moderated by Imagine5 

Artists and experts in the panel: Carina Hammer, head of sustainability at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, artist Alice Pallot (FR), photographer Daniel Hinks (CH/UK) and Krzysztof Candrowicz, curator, founder of Fotofestiwal Lodz and Jacob Theilgaard, director of Bæredygtigt

 2 June - 10 am-1 pm: Art in Public Space

Is the future of art to be more public – is it more sustainable, more democratic? Possibilities and challenges.

Artists and experts in the panel: CPF solo artists Erik Berglin (SE), Hilla Kurki (FI) and Kristina Knipe (US), Raphaël Biollay, curator at Images Vevey and Louise Fiil Hansen, partner and design director at SLA Architects. 

2 June - 2-3:30 pm: Panel discussion about future aspects

Artificial intelligence, utopias and science.

Artists and experts in the panel: CPF solo artist Craig Ames (UK), Futures 2023 talent Susanne Fagerlund (SE) and Futures artist Daniel Szalai (HU) and Majken Overgaard (DK) from Korridor and Lisa Giomar Hydén from Fotografiska in Stockholm.

NB! Limited seats – book in Billetto in the event links above