Solo artist 2016

Andreas Olesen


‘Estate’ is a photographic series while also being an exercise in the photographic process itself. Andreas Olsen’s came into possession of a series of negatives which appeared to be a Danish family on holiday at some point around WWII. While he was on holiday in northern Italy, Olsen put the negatives to use, as he attempted to bring the past and present together in a single image.

By shooting the negatives on slide film and then enlarging this positive in the darkroom, the resulting picture is in negative of real life. The sky becoming dark, shadows becoming highlights, creating a somewhat classical aesthetic. But the negative in the image is also reversed, resulting in a positive image. showing the present as reversed and in a way nullified,  the past returns to the forefront, becoming the focus. There is zero digital manipulation of the images. 


Andreas Olesen (b. 1981 San Francisco) was chosen from an open call for a solo exhibit at Copenhagen Photo Festival with ‘Estate’. He was educated at ‘The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’ and received grants from ‘LensCulture Emerging Talent’, ‘Production of works Grant, Danish arts Council’ and ‘Danish Arts Council Intercultural Mentor Program’