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Press Documentation

Get an overview of all the press related to Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2019. The press from before, during and after the festival in a national and international context has been gathered in two documents.

The first document is created by Have Kommunikation and is focused on the danish press from before the festival. You can find the document HERE.

The second document is created by Copenhagen Photo Festival and is focused on the press during and after the festival in both the danish and international press which you can find HERE.


After the cancellation of this year’s festival due to COVID-19, our audience have been able to experience photography on the festival’s digital platforms (Instagram, Facebook, newsletters and through wider content and media) thanks to our online campaign #cpfcelebratingphotography. Read more: June 18th is CPF Celebrating Photography Day 

With the prolonging of the ban on public gatherings in Denmark, Copenhagen Photo Festival has decided to cancel this year’s festival, scheduled to take place from June 4th to 14th. With the
campaign #cpfcelebratingphotography, the audience can continue to experience art photography of the highest calibre on the festival’s digital platforms, as well as highlights from the programme to be exhibited in and around Copenhagen’s urban spaces in June. Read more: Copenhagen Photo Festival returns in 2021


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Deadline for press accreditation in 2020 is May 31. Application received after this date cannot be met. Please send your application to:

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Copenhagen Photo Festival reserves the right to check all information. Accreditations are not sent to private addresses. If you are a freelance journalist / photographer, you must document which media and editor you have a prior agreement with.

”Copenhagen Photo Festival underlines from its very first year, just how relevant the unbending photo art can be. And thus also why the festival should be an annual event on the Danish art scene.”

Matthias Hvass Borello, 2010.

“The experience of attending the Copenhagen Photo Festival was very productive. I saw great art exhibitions, met interesting artists and heard world-class scholarly lectures at the symposium. One of the best festivals I have attended.”

Karen Irvine, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago. 2017.

“The festival celebrates photography throughout the city with a program that takes the interaction of contemporary art, everyday photography and urban space to a higher level.”

Camera Obscura Online Photography Magazine, 2011

The Best Festivals & Fairs in Copenhagen and Denmark – Discover photography from selected artists across the world and emerging Nordic talents at the Copenhagen Photo Festival. Created for those who want to go beyond the traditional frame – grasping contemporary and future conceptions – where experimentation and sustainability are the keywords at the festival centre located on Refshaleøen, an island in Copenhagen where culture occurs in all its forms, with the Copenhagen Contemporary, Reffen – a Street Food Market, theatres and cultural events that attract international audiences. The largest Nordic photography festival offers exhibitions, workshops, talks and much more throughout the city in galleries, museums, institutions…”

Travel Mag, 15/01/2020

Kontroltab og kreativitet: Copenhagen Photo Festival lancerer stor stationær udstilling som svar på coronakrisen – Linjerne mellem bitre begrænsninger og inspirerende muligheder har vist sig svære at trække under coronakrisen. Nu melder Copenhagen Photo Festival sig i koret af kulturelle stemmer, der har benyttet lejligheden til at sadle radikalt om.” Read more

Rasmus Faber Lundberg,,  22/06/2020

“Six Photographers to See at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2020 Online – Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Copenhagen Photo Festival has been canceled until 2021. In its place are two separate exhibitions and a body of work from seven selected solo artists, available to view online, on social media, and around Copenhagen. All of the artists selected this year have focused on themes that explore many of today’s international crises, whether it be the refugee crisis, climate change, or race and gender discriminations. Although the exhibition themes differ, at its core this online edition is about identity, often shaped by trauma.” Read more

Þórhildur Tinna Sigurðardóttir, Scandinavia Standard, 10/06/2020

Martin Thaulow | Home is where the heart is – Europe’s identity is rapidly changing. Immigrants and refugees from all over the world, most recently from Syria and Africa, are bringing their lifestyle and culture with them, and white Europe, as it has been for many centuries, is gradually evolving into a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural continent. The process of change is not a smooth one. Danish artist Martin Thaulow challenged the concept of European identity with diptychs that show the hard-to-conceive contrast between the safe, urban Danish life and the heart-breaking reality of refugees. His artwork is a part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival, starting from June 18th, in the open air.” Read more

ArtDoc, 09/06/2020

June’s Photo Festivals – With the prolonging of the ban on public gatherings in Denmark, Copenhagen Photo Festival has decided to cancel this year’s festival, scheduled to take place from June 4th to 14th. “We have remained optimistic till the end, but with the current conditions, it is impossible for us to realise this year’s photo festival on the level we aspire to”, writes Managing Director Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. “We are incredibly sorry on behalf of the many Danish and international photographers and photo-based visual artists who were meant to participate, and on behalf of our many fantastic collaborators, who – like us – have worked hard for months with the planning of exhibitions and activities around Copenhagen and Scania.” The festival will continue to celebrate photography with its campaign #cpfcelebratingphotography, which has already been launched on the festival’s digital platforms. The campaign consists of works and content from the exhibitions that were planned to be presented in physical form during the festival and represents an international celebration of photography, while also contributing to the exposure of freelancers, artists, and cultural institutions.”

PHmuseum, 28/05/2020

Photo Festivals around the World – For fifty years, photography has been celebrated at festivals around the world. The following selection presents twenty-two top events in 2020 which offer expert portfolio reviews and workshops.

Copenhagen Photo Festival Copenhagen, Denmark, Founded 2010, annual, next edition 4–14 June 2020. Director: Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. About: “Copenhagen Photo Festival is one of Europe’s leading festivals of both national and international contemporary photography. We build bridges between fine art photography and documentary photography through our three program pillars: Framing Identity, Framing Society, and Framing Vision. Each year, 250–300 photographers from all over the world participate in the festival’s program through the festival center at Refshaleøen, the home of five to ten curated solo exhibitions, or in collaboration with one of our forty-five satellite exhibitions.”

European Photography, December 2019