Copenhagen Photo Festival is a non for profit organisation and the largest festival for photography in the Nordic countries. The festival has existed since 2010 and today we are also a year round platform that works to shine light on camera and lens based art via events, exhibitions, digital formats and cross collaborations. 

Through our activities we aim to create community around photography by inspiring, exchanging and advocating for the relevance of photography in an ever-evolving world.

Each year in June our endavours all come together for the 11 day festival celebration of  photography with exhibitions, networking activities, talks, parties and events in our festival center on Refshaleøen as well as with our festival partners across the region. 


The Festival Center – Refshalevej 173c, Copenhagen C

At our Festival Center you can experience a host of exhibitions, talks, events, parties and networking activities. The Festival Center is located in the midst of a 10,000 m2 urban wilderness at the artificial island Refshaleøen. The place was previously home to the  Burmeister & Wain (B&W) shipyard.

During the 10 festival days the park and our venue FRAME is turned into an innovative exhibition park offering a 360 degree festival experience that will connect the best of photography and lens-based art with hang out spots, drinks, talks and events.

Our festival partners’ – across the region

For every edition of the festival we are honored and happy to collaborate with between 30 to 50 partners in Copenhagen and Southern Sweden. They each showcase work from international and local artists within a wide range of camera based art.

Over the years the festival has collaborated with internationally acclaimed art museums and cultural history institutions like Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Brandts Museum, Museum of Maritime History, The National History Museum and many others. But we also present exhibitions by commercial galleries, auction houses, bars and bookstores as well as independent shows and pop-up exhibitions. 

Vision Statement

Copenhagen Photo Festival wants to create a community around photography by inspiring, exchanging and advocating for the relevance of photography in an ever-evolving world. 

CPF aims to transform Copenhagen into the Scandinavian hub for photography and wants to be a leading platform for visual artists, photographers and photo & video amateurs and connoisseurs alike. 

CPF believes in the power of photography to make the world a better place and that photography, as a contemporary and visual art form, has the power to convey reality (and emotions) and to transform it through poetry.

CPF wants to introduce innovative perspectives on the photographic medium and technologies, explore the video, while committing to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint. 

CPF wants to act as a professional springboard for students and trainees and help emerging talents and artists break into this industry and the larger public. 


Copenhagen Photo Festival curates and hosts a number of exhibitions that we present at our festival centre, currently located on Refshaleøen opposite Copenhagen Contemporary and behind Reffen Street Food. In this raw, rewilded area we showcase exhibitions in our container construction FRAME and the surrounding urban exhibition park.

The Festival has an unorthodox and experimental approach to exhibition making and strive to engage with its surroundings over the short festival period – and always with an ambition to uphold a sustainable exhibition practice. 

Since 2016 the headliners of the festival center have been selected through an open call and our programme committee selects between 3 to 6 solo artists. For the 2024 edition 639 photographers and artists from 68 countries applied to our open call Parallel to our own activities. We present a partner programme around the city and collaborate with both emerging and established venues that participate with exhibitions, events, talks and more. 

The festival is very dependent on support from public and private funds as well as revenue from commercial collaborations, ticket and merchandise sales.

Nanna Heitman foto

In 2023 documentary photographer and Magnum Alumni Nanna Heitmann exhibited her project ‘Hiding from Baba Yaga’ in the festival center. Image credit: Amira Karoud


The team behind the festival consists of a few dedicated permanent employed enthusiasts and very importantly a large number of interns, project employees and volunteers who make the festival fly each year. Over the past 15 years CPF has welcomed more than 60 Danish and international trainees and interns and between 80 and 100 volunteers every year. 

One of our core values is to be a learning platform, to share knowledge and help young people to break into the industry. The initial financial need has therefore been transformed into a conscious choice to gather viewpoints and new perspectives. 

Thanks to their experience with CPF, many of the interns have gone on to break into the world of culture or photography. Moreover, the festival’s international outlook and the fact that it welcomes young people from different countries contributes to building meaningful bridges, through encounters with artists or other players in the photography world.

Meet the team behind Copenhagen Photo Festival here.

Mission Statement

We celebrate photography by creating digital and physical platforms that displays visual storytelling

We attract the local and global photography community for the purpose of exchanging ideas.

We engage our festival audience with a tactile and sensuous 11 day photography experience that differs from other art world experiences. 

We equip new generations for the challenges and realities of the photographic world.

Send us your idea or proposal at Info@copenhagenphotofestival.com

Intern, volunteer or project coordinator? Send us an unsolicited application at info@copenhagenphoto.com

Any questions? Reach out to the team at info@copenhagenphotofestival.com

The festival center · Refshalevej 173c // Festival office · Krausesvej 3