7 x Personal Projects

7x Personal Projects

Seven renowned Danish press photographers exhibit the images that have moved them the most and present their version of a contemporary documentary photograph. For the executive fifth year the group exhibition Personal Projects is shown at Øksnehallen and has been a part of Copenhagen Photo Festival from the beginning. 7x Personal Projects opens Friday 13 June at 4pm and this year’s exhibiting photographers are: Mads Nissen, Jeppe Carlsen, Mathias Christensen, Jeppe Bending Nielsen, Peter Hove Olesen, Miriam Dalsgaard and Maria Fonfara.

7x Personal Projects, 13-27 June Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen V


Artist talks 15 June:

1400: Mathias Christensen

15:00: Mads Nissen

16.00: Jeppe Nielsen Bend

Photo: Mads Nissen, LGBT01

Homophobia in Russia – Mads Nissen
The award-winning photojournalist gives a touching and thought-provoking insight into the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) conditions in Russia and the increasing harassment, violence and discrimination they face.

Photo: Jeppe Carlsen, Mary+Yvonne

Mom, I’m gay – Homophobia in Kenya – Jeppe Carlsen
In collaboration with Operation Dagsværk and Sex & Samfund photographer Jeppe Carlsen portrays LGBT youth in Kenya in a series of simple but powerful portraits.

Photo: Mathias Christensen, 3

The story of fear of wolves, isolation and meeting with God – Mathias Christensen
Mathias Christensen explores the importance of ultimate freedom and fragility; to be alone in a wild environment far from civilization. A personal exploration of man in his original element through an isolated winter journey in the Swedish wilderness.

Photo: Jeppe Bøje Nielsen, POYI, 2014

“You deserve to die!” – Homophobia and homelessness in the United States – Jeppe Bøje Nielsen
The downside when it comes to social acceptance of sexual minorities in the United States: young gays “come out” to their parents earlier than ever before – and end up on the streets homeless.

Photo: Peter Hove Olesen, 3

North Korea – Peter Hove Olesen
North Korea is the world’s most restricted country where nothing is left to chance, let alone foreigners’ comings and goings. Everything is carefully choreographed and planned down to the smallest detail. Such as what you can see. And when.

Photo: Miriram Dalsgaard, Rada portrait

Who is Rada? – Miriam Dalsgaard
After being banned to travel to Afghanistan to cover the presidential elections in May 2014 photographer Miriam Dalsgaard took Facebook contact to Rada, a young woman living in Kabul and for two months she photographed Rada’s daily life through Skype. With new media Dalsgaard had access, through her computer at home, to life as a woman in Afghanistan right now.

Photo: Maria Fonfara, Tina

Ligelyst – Maria Fonfara
All people have a sexuality. This course also applies people with disabilities. The exhibition focuses on the topic of disability and sexuality in the form of portraits and personal stories.


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