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Still from Finding Vivian Maier

CINEMATEKET – Everything is in the picture – films about photography and photographers

Cinemateket has selected four documentaries about the exceptional photographers: Gregory Crewdson, Vivian Maier, Jr. and Robert Doisneau. Read more below.

Still from Finding Vivian Maier 

Finding Vivian Maier

Variety wrote “Compelling. Haunting. Captivating” about this incredible, but true story about a hidden art treasure unearthed – and not least about the mysterious woman behind it. A few years ago, a young man bought a large box of photo negatives at an auction in Chicago. He fell in love with the images, began a detective hunt to find the female photographer behind them, a unknown Vivian Maier whose works have since travelled the world in hugely popular solo exhibitions. This film is about both her art and her mystery – Ms. Maier turned out to be nothing you’d expect from a photographer of her caliber, but rather a mix of Maria von Trapp from ‘The Sound of Music’, the female spy Mata Hari and Philip Marlowe. Director: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel. Starring: Vivian Maier, John Maloof, Mary Ellen Mark, Phil Donahue, USA, 2013, 98 min.
Saturday 14 June, 7pm + Friday 20 June 7pm

Still from INSIDE OUT

His conceptual art projects involve the Israeli wall in Gaza, the Haïtian ghetto, a cold American Indian reservation and a bazar in the revolution-dazed Tunis. Wherever he ventures, huge photographic portraits set emotions on fire – in some places life and hope, in others anger and physical tension. The man behind the projects is the French street artist JR, a TED Prize winner, and with INSIDE OUT he has created no less than the world’s largest participatory art project. At least 650 group actions have been carried out in all corners of the world, as well as 170.000 portraits. Director Alastair Siddons follows both JR’s managerial work and group actions in very disparate places. The resulting film is a moving proof and the power of humanist photography. Starring: JR. Director: Alastair Siddons, England / Franceg/ Haïti/ Tunesien/ USA, 2013, 70 min. English subtitles/dialogue

Wednesday 11 June 5pm + Sunday 5pm + Saturday 21 June 2:15pm 

Still from Doisneau des villes, Doisneau des champs

Robert Doisneau, Doisneau des villes, Doisneau des champs
While the museum Gl. Holtegaard presents works by Robert Doisneau, Cinemateket are proud to present a documentary about him introduced by the films director himself, Frenchman Patrick Cazal. In Doisneau des villes, Doisneau des champs we get close to the photographer in action on the street, in his studio and in cafes, telling some of the stories behind the photographs. We also meet Juliette Binoche, one of Doisneau’s icons and see his lesser-known countryside images. Arranged in cooperation with Institut Français and Gl. Holtegaard. Read more about the exhibtion on Starring: Robert Doisneau, Juliette Binoche France, 1993, 55 min. + 45 min. Intro/Q&A. English subtitles.

Thursday 12 June 7.15pm

Still from Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters

Gregory Crewdson – Brief Encounters
Possibly the most ambitious photographer in history, Gregory Crewdson is a master of dusk: Atmospheric, moviescape-like photographs of an arranged and slightly altered reality, shot on budgets the size of minor film productions. Crewdson’s  universe consists of small-town America caught in the evening or night, artificially but discreetly lit, and with references to Hitchcock, David Lynch and Edward Hopper. Fascinating and enchanting – just like this documentary which cover all main aspects of Crewdson’s working process. Director: Ben Shapir, USA, 2012, 79 min. In English

Saturday 14 June 7pm + Friday 20 June 7.15pm

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