Report from MARTI’s “Greenland Spirit” (Inuit Culture…

Silvia Ghimbas on

MARTI’s “Greenland Spirit” (Inuit Culture in the face of climate change)
The Greenlandic House
June 4 – July 31

(text and images by Silvia Ghimbas)

Who would have thought that global warming could have an impact of sociological nature? We’ve all heard terrifying news about glaciers melting or unsettling predictions about the consequences of climate change, but perhaps, it never occurred to us that this might also change an entire culture.
“Greenland Spirit” is an insightful project that brings our attention to a culture whose valuable heritage is threatened by issues that begin with climate change. MARTI, “the Salvador Dali of photography” (nickname given by The Times of India), takes the time to tell the story of the Inuit culture of Greenland, allowing us to acknowledge rapid changes within the culture… changes ongoing parallel to global warming… changes that might not be immediately perceptible. Her talent and vision make her the right person for the job. Assuming her role as an artist, the photographer sets out to transform our consciousness, to make us aware of the stand we need to take to protect both nature and cultures.
Any curious visitor, upon entering the exhibition, will be welcomed by fascinating landscapes, expressive portraits, powerful and impressive testimonials, integrated in a simple yet creative display, accompanied by a shivering soundtrack. All in all, it’s not just an exhibition, it’s truly an experience, worthwhile.


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