Peter Lav Gallery 03.05.2013

© Hyun-Jin Kwak, The Island – A Case Study of a Collector´s Mind

Peter Lav Gallery  –
Hyun-Jin Kwak “The Island – A Case Study of a Collectors Mind”

The discovery of an old house in the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy, led Hyun-Jin Kwak to her  photographic project ”The Island – A Case Study of a Collectors Mind.”

The seemingly abandond house, was not abandond at all, but in fact an old ruined Venetian palace wherein the inheritor Francesco, rumored to be a kleptomania, lived along with his family.

Hyun-Jin Kwak then started her long photo project about the palace, Francesco and the history of his family.

This friday Peter Lav Gallery open the exhibition and invites you to join in on the years long photographic case-study of the palace.

Opening Friday May 3rd. 2013 

© Torben Eskerod, Marselis

Peter Lav Gallery
Torben Eskerod
Marselis – Contemplation

In the series ”Marselis”, Eskerod has caputered fragments of the forest Marselis in Aarhus and the nearby ocean, by using outdated filmroles.
The use of old film give the series a exaggerated and unrealistic color scheme, that turns the nature into possessing an almost unnatural beauty. ”Marselis” is the first part of the ongoing project entitled Contemplation, wherein Eskerod contemplates places and buildings.

Opening Friday May 3rd. 2013


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