On a Clear Day

Photo: Jakob Hunsøe, courtesy of Peter Lav Gallery 

On a Clear Day
Exhibition by Jakob Hunosøe 

Jakob Hunosøe is known for his ability to transform everyday objects by using few artistic means, thereby creating new unusual sculptural installations documented photographically. Hunosøe’s artistic vision endows the familiar objects with a tinge of surrealism, humour and poetry. In his earlier works, Hunosøe has mainly created new sculptures by combining familiar everyday objects; in his most recent works, however, he focuses on the inherent potential and qualities of the objects; earplugs are reflected in a tabletop, a yellow cup cracks, a pair of scissors becomes multicoloured. At first sight everything seems normal; on closer inspection, though, we realize that the earplugs are not reflected, but lie end to end, and that the cup is not broken, as the cracks are made of hair.

For more information regarding the exhibition please visit plgallery.dk


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