Henri Kloch’s “The Mountain and the River”

Silvia Ghimbas on

Henri Kloch’s “The Mountain and the River”
Copenhagen Street Food, PapirØen
June 4 – 14
Go to Papiren, enjoy the great food, the good vibes and if you’re lucky the smiling sun, but make sure to keep an open mind and a hard stomach at the same time as Kloch’s photographic project introduces you to a rather terrifying reality present half the globe away.
As part of a bigger project, Love and Longing in Potosi, this exhibition unmasks the lives of the people in the city of Potosi, close to the “Cero Rico” mine in Bolivia. Bolivia is the country with the highest percentage of orphans, the land of a rather extreme society where most families are shattered. Especially in the region of Potosi, mortality is very high, as mining involves serious health risks. Nevertheless, poverty forces people to take these risks. Some of them even moved here from other parts of the country, just to be able to get a job and feed their children. And if this wasn’t enough, domestic violence, especially against women is at its “finest” within this culture.
The photographer has seized strong human emotions within his photographs, and at the same time the testimonials that accompany them can make you shiver. Kloch’s work is profound and stands proof of a startling truth, but simultaneously gives a glimmer of hope as it raises awareness and support for those in need.

(Text and images: Silvia Ghimbas)







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