Josee Schryer

Nord | Sanne Vils Axelsen & Josee Schryer (DK/CA)

Nord is an exhibition by photographers Josee Schryer (CA) and Sanne Vils Axelsen (DK) focusing on changes in societies on each side of the Atlantic. They both observe how changes like climate and politics affect their surrounding societies. Some of these changes are observed in the landscape, others are felt when values shift and traditions are lost. Combining these two photographic projects gives two different testimonies on changes that are felt in two distant societies of the north.

Josee Schryer photographed Inuit lands of Northern Québec hinting at manifestations of new values, consumerism and a loss of traditions. Sanne Vils Axelsen have created a visual narrative in photographs related to loss of community, isolation, and change experienced in contemporary Denmark.

Nord can be experienced at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017.